2017, Book review

The Brazilian Husband by Rebecca Powell #review @BeccaPowellUK

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About the book

SUNSHINE, SAMBA, SECRETS AND LIES – this summer’s must-read romance. ..”.scrawled in biro, the words which had brought me here… ‘Take me home’.” Determined to honour her late husband’s final request, Judith and her teenage step-daughter, Rosa, set out on a journey from London to Brazil to track down his family and take his ashes home. But when Judith’s search leads her to Ricardo, a handsome but haunted human rights lawyer, she begins to unravel a web of lies surrounding her husband’s past: a past which is about to come crashing into their present in the form of Rosa’s real mother. As the two women navigate their way through this vibrant country of contrasts, they find themselves struggling to salvage their own fractured relationship and put the past behind them. The perfect blend of romance and suspense, set against the stunning backdrop of northeast Brazil, The Brazilian Husband is a story of friendship, family and finding out who we really are.

Available on amazom.co.uk and amazon.com

My thoughts

 The Brazilian Husband is one of those stories that takes you away to another country where you get lost in the atmosphere, the story grips you and you just want to keep on reading.

After her husbands death, Judith and her daughter Rosa head off to Brazil to take his ashes home. What they find in Brazil isn’t what they expect and so begins a story of emotion, heartbreak, secrets and truths. Judith is an extremely strong woman, she’s been married for 15 years, it’s not a conventional marriage but she truly loved Edson and wants to fulfil his last wishes. Her relationship with Rosa is quite strained, Rosa is a typical 15 year old and knows what’s best like most teenagers. I really wanted to reach in and give Rosa a hug and sometimes just tell her to grow up.

Both characters are well developed and it was easy to connect with them. The story is told mainly through Judith but Rosa gets her say as well which I really enjoyed. I also liked Ricardo too, Judith and Rosa meet him in Brazil and he helps fill in the gaps of Edson’s life. He’s a troubled man but has a good kind heart.

The author really has done a fantastic job with the descriptions of Brazil in this story. You really get a sense of the country and the people and it’s so easy to sit back and smell the sea air or feel the heat. It’s quite tense at times throughout the story and it gave me goose bumps.

The Brazilian Husband had me hooked from page one, it’s a book about relationships and discovery. It hits on some quite hard topics at times but this has been done so well, the story just flows and you totally get absorbed in it. This is a brilliant debut novel by Rebecca Powell and if I hadn’t know before hand I would never have realised it was a debut.

I definitely highly recommend this book. It gets all the stars from me.

*My thanks go to the author for a copy in exchange for an honest review*

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