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Book Review: Curse of the Dearmad by Emma Mylrea @TinyTreeBooks @EmmaMylreaBooks @byhannahjesse @lovebooksgroup @lovebookstours

Living in the ordinary world is anything but ordinary for twins Percy and Nell Shearwater. After all, Percy is not like most eleven-year-old boys. Most eleven-year-old boys don’t have gills.
When the grip of death tightens its hold on the twins’ mother, Percy resolves to do whatever it takes to find a cure. But what if that means embarking on a secret and treacherous journey through uncharted waters, to the island of Doona… an island which some say doesn’t even exist?
While Percy confronts the perils of the sea to save his dying mother, Nell will need to rely on her own mysterious gift if she is to have any chance of seeing her brother again. There’s just one thing that lies in her way: the Curse of Dearmad…

My thoughts

Curse of the Dearmad is an absolutely stunning book, each chapter has gorgeous illustrations at the start which really helps to create the characters in your mind. I really looked forward to seeing what illustration would come next.

The story is a gripping fantasy that will really appeal to young and old, I thoroughly enjoyed it and I certainly am not young any more.

The characters just come to life and I really loved them all, they’re the sort of characters that you can really root for from the start and take to your heart. I loved following their adventure.

The world building is really spectacular in this story, sometimes I find world building can be a bit overwhelming but this is done just perfect and it really helps capture the imagination.

From beginning to end I was totally hooked, the story flows and I think this is a fantastic middle grade book. With suspense and adventure, Curse of the Dearmad is a story that you can really get invested in. It has short chapters which I love and although it’s over 350 pages long it was such a quick read. I found myself needing to know what would happen next, I just couldn’t put it down.

This is a book I know I’ll definitely be buying my nieces and nephews soon and one I’ll be keeping safe for my little one to read when she’s older. I highly recommend it, it’s fab.

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Massive thank you to Kelly at Love Books Tours, Tiny Tree Books & Emma Mylrea for the opportunity to join in on this book tour and for a copy of this stunning book for review.

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