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Book Review: You Can Trust Me by Emma Rowley @emma_rowley @orionbooks @orion_crime

You can trust me.
But can I trust you?

Olivia is the domestic goddess who has won millions of followers by sharing her picture-perfect life online. And now she’s releasing her tell-all autobiography.
For professional ghostwriter Nicky it’s the biggest job of her career. But as she delves deeper into Olivia’s life, cracks begin to appear in the glamorous façade. From the strained relationship with her handsome husband, to murky details of a tragic family death in her childhood, the truth belies Olivia’s perfect public image.
But why is Olivia so desperate to leave an old tragedy well alone? And how far will she go to keep Nicky from the truth?

You Can Trust Me is published by Orion Books and is available to purchase now – Amazon

Massive thanks to Alex at Orion for the opportunity to join the blog tour and for the gifted copy of You Can Trust Me.

My thoughts

Nicky is a ghostwriter, she’s struggling to pay the bills and she’s in debt. Olivia is an influencer, she portrays the perfect lifestyle online and when Nicky gets the chance to ghostwrite Olivias tell all autobiography she jumps at the chance.

The story is told from both women’s perspectives starting with Nicky’s. She’s desperate to get a scoop, to delve deep into Olivias life. She can’t understand why Olivia is so closed off so she starts to do a bit of investigating and unearths a few things that just don’t add up.

Olivia really reminded me of some of the influencers I’ve seen online, they show you only what they want you to see and it’s not reality at all.

You Can Trust Me is a slow burner but it sort of pulls you in and although I didn’t race through the book to start with I was intrigued. The book picks up when Olivia starts tell to her story and things start to fall into place.

I can’t say I particularly liked either character, Nicky was a bit pushy and I suppose it was the journalist in her. Olivia is very closed off and cold feeling and it’s unusual to have a story where there aren’t any characters to shout for but this works really well in You Can Trust Me.

Although the pace is quite slow there are twists and turns and I found myself trying to guess what would happen, the further I delved into the story the more I wanted to read until I ended up reading the last half in one sitting.

I’d definitely recommended You Can Trust Me, I really like the authors writing style and I’ll definitely be looking out for future books by Emma Rowley.

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