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Book Review: The Malan Witch by Catherine Cavendish @Cat_Cavendish @shamrock_silver

It’s with pleasure today I’m sharing my review for The Malan Witch by Catherine Cavendish which was released on August 18th.

About the book

“Naught remained of their bodies to be buried, for the crows took back what was theirs.”

An idyllic coastal cottage near a sleepy village. What could be more perfect? For Robyn Crowe, borrowing her sister’s recently renovated holiday home for the summer seems just what she needs to deal with the grief of losing her beloved husband.

But behind those pretty walls lie many secrets, and legends of a malevolent sisterhood—two witches burned for their evil centuries earlier. Once, both their vile spirits were trapped there. Now, one has been released. One who is determined to find her sister. Only Robyn stands in her way.

And the crow has returned.

The Malan Witch is available to purchase now – Amazon

My thoughts

In The Malan Witch we meet Robyn who is off to her sisters seaside cottage to have a bit of a break. Robyn has sadly lost her husband to cancer and hopes to maybe find herself again while enjoying some peace and quiet.

The cottage is beautiful, it’s been done up by Robyn’s sister and her husband as a family holiday home but it isn’t long until Robyn feels uneasy and the perfect getaway may not be so perfect after all.

The Malan Witch is a novella but it certainly packs a punch and is filled to the brim with tension, unease and down right eeriness. It’s a story where I found myself holding my breath on many occasions and it seriously gave me the shivers.

I often feel when I’ve read a novella that I’m sometimes not quite satisfied but The Malan Witch has been written perfectly, Catherine Cavendish is a very talented writer who has managed to create a story that builds tension from the beginning and finishes with a perfect ending which I am not going to tell you anything about, you’ll have to find out for yourself.

I really do love a haunting story, one that makes you feel uneasy and maybe a little bit scared and if you’re like me then The Malan Witch is perfect for you. Witches, spells, hauntings, history, The Malan Witch pretty much has everything and it’s a story that I will be highly recommending but I’ll warn you, you may want to sleep with the lights on after reading it.

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