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Witch You Well: The Westwick Witches by Colleen Cross #AudibleReview @colleenxcross

Today i’m pleased to be sharing my review of Witch You Well, book one in the Westwick Witches series by Colleen Cross and narrated by Petrea Burchard. I’d like to thank the author for the audible copy.

witch you wellDead billionaires are not good for business!
That’s what Aunt Pearl complains to Cen when the dead body is found in the cozy family inn at Westwick Corners.
Still, it’s not Cen’s problem. She lives an ordinary life away from her witch-ful family for a reason. She got her ordinary fiancée, and her ordinary job as a journalist – using no magic whatsoever, and no inconvenient local murder is going to change her comfortable existence.
Even if the entire town is now accusing Aunt Pearl of murdering her guest. Even if her fiancée is acting weird and talking about seeing ghosts. Even if the town’s sexy new sheriff, Tyler Gates, treats her like the most hexing of all the witches.
If you love funny cozy mysteries infused with a dose of humor and the supernatural, you’ll love this paranormal witch cozy!
Witch You Well is the first audiobook in the Westwick Witches Cozy Mysteries series by Colleen Cross.
From the author:
Westwick Corners isn’t your typical small town. Or even a normal ghost town. It’s where people go not to be found, and witches go to work their magic without attracting too much attention. The combination makes from some interesting and humorous mysteries, and the witches are always at the center of the action!
Ruby’s cooking, Cendrine’s amateur sleuth and investigator activities, and Aunt Pearl’s magic school are always looking for that one secret ingredient that will propel the witches to fame and fortune, and put the small town of Westwick Corners back on the map again. The witches are forever cooking up new business opportunities while they unravel riddles, spin magic spells, and create their own witch mysteries.

Written by: Colleen Cross
Narrated by: Petrea Burchard
Length: 5 hrs and 48 mins 

Unabridged Audiobook
Release Date:21/08/2017
Publisher: Colleen Cross

Available to purchase now from Amazon UK – Audio Book | Paperback | eCopy  Amazon US – Audio Book |Paperback | eCopy


Cendrine West lives in a sleepy little town called Westwick Corners, her family are busy preparing for the grand opening off the family Inn and the upcoming wedding of Cen and her soon to be husband the Mayor when they stumble (literally) across a dead body.

Desperate to cover the family secret, Cen takes it upon herself to help new hunky sheriff Tyler Gates and make sure her Aunt Pearl isn’t charged with murder.

Cen is descendent from a family of  powerful witches but she herself doesn’t use witchcraft. She’s bought the local paper and is determined to have as normal a life as possible. Cen is possibly the only one in her family who has her head screwed on, especially compared to Aunt Pearl. Aunt Pearl is a bit wacky and partial to setting things on fire.

The characters are brought to life in Witch You Well and the narrator has done an incredibly good job of using different voices for each character. The one that stood out was Aunt Pearl and I could just imagine her as I was reading.

The story itself was a lot of fun, yes there is a murder but there are a lot of laugh out loud moments as Cen investigates and tries to keep her Aunt out of trouble. Cen also has her own personal troubles to deal with and the arrival of hunky new sheriff Tyler Gates sets her heart racing.

Witch You Well is the first book in the Westwick Witches series and I have to say I’m really looking forward to reading/listening to more of this series.

There’s nothing better than a fun cosy mystery when you’ve had your head stuck in books full of grizzly murders and gore and Witch You well was just the treat I needed.


Colleen Cross

Colleen Cross writes page-turning thrillers and fun, cozy mysteries. She lives with her family on Canada’s West Coast. When she’s not writing, she loves to run, hike, and explore with her rescue dog Jaeger, who reminds her daily that life’s too short to not follow your dreams–or a squirrel or two.

Her books have been translated into multiple languages with more to come.

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