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The Revenge Trail by AA Abbott (@AAAbbottStories) #LoveBooksGroupTours

Today as a part of the blog tour I have the pleasure of sharing my review for the fourth instalment of the Trail series, The Revenge Trail by AA Abbott.

My thanks go to Kelly of Love Books Group Tours for the invite and the author for a copy of the book.

About the book


Kat’s craft vodka brand makes it big, but a crazed murderer’s on her trail.

Glamorous blonde Kat White makes the best vodka in the world. At last, her craft vodka from Birmingham is going places, while the mother who abandoned her faces financial ruin.

So does vodka salesman Marty Bridges. Kat doesn’t trust him, but she has to save his business or hers will go under too.

That’s not her biggest problem. Crazed murderer Shaun Halloran wants to kill her, even if it means breaking out of jail to take his revenge.

Kat dreams of love, riches and success in her life – but shouldn’t she just focus on staying alive?

With twists, tension, secrets and suspense – “The Revenge Trail” is a gripping crime thriller that will draw you into Kat’s exciting world.

The Revenge Trail is available to purchase now – Amazon

My thoughts

I can’t believe that this is the fourth book in the series, it feels like only yesterday I was introduced to the characters yet I also feel like I’m coming back to read about old friends.

The Revenge Trail sees Kat making her own Vodka, her lifelong dream and after her father she’s the best at it. With help from Marty she now has premises and equipment and the production of Starshine Vodka is on but as we’ve come to expect, things aren’t always going to go to plan.

Marty is facing financial ruin, Kat still doesn’t trust him and old enemy Shaun Halloran is in prison but is still gunning for Kat and that’s just a few of the things to expect in The Revenge Trail, it’s not a big book but it certainly packs a punch.

One of the things I love about this series is the short snappy chapters and how they alternate between the different characters. It gives you a real sense of the characters feelings and troubles and makes it more personal so you get know the characters better.

I’ve really enjoyed this series, I’m not sure if this is definitely the last book or if there will be more to follow sometime but I’m sad that the journey is over. I’ve really grown to like some of the characters and I’ve enjoyed hating others, there’s a real mixed bag of them in these books.

The Revenge Trail is a fairly short read and again like the others I was hooked from page one and read it in one sitting. It could probably be read as a stand-alone but I would recommend reading this series from the first. They’re so good you don’t want to miss out.

As you can probably tell I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this book, it’s fast paced, has some great characters and has plenty twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat. I’ll definitely be recommending it.

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