2022, Book review

The Curfew by T.M. Logan @TMLoganAuthor @ZaffreBooks @Tr4cyF3nt0n

I should have known something was wrong. I should have sensed it. Felt it in the air, like the build-up of pressure before a thunderstorm, that heavy, loaded calm.

The curfew
Andy and Laura are good parents. They tell their son Connor that he can go out with friends to celebrate completing his exams, but he must be home by midnight.

The lie
When Connor misses his curfew, it sets off a series of events that will change the lives of five families forever.

The truth?
Because five teenagers went into the woods that night, but only four came out. And telling the truth might mean losing everything…


The Curfew will be published March 17th and is available to preorder now.

The Curfew follows Andy and Laura and their two children Connor and Harriet. After completing his exams Connor heads out with his cousin Zac to celebrate, Andy and Laura are reasonable, they know he’ll have a drink as teenagers do, he just has to make sure he’s home by midnight.

So what happened that night when 5 teenagers went into the woods, why did only 4 come home?

Oh boy talk about a tense blooming read, it’s uncanny how the author can put normal every day people into these crazy situations and have you totally and utterly hooked. Told mostly by Andy we feel the fear he has as a parent, the want and need to protect and the determination to find out the truth. The tension that builds throughout this book is palpable and as we get snippets from other characters we can see that what’s really happening is much more complicated than what Andy or Laura thinks.

One character I absolutely loved was Harriet, Connors younger sister. She needs to have a book of her own.

This book is one of those nightmares you have as a parent, it honestly gave me chills. Not just because the son in this book is called Connor the same as my son and at the time of reading this he was out and supposed to be home at a certain time, put it this way I was wide awake and waiting for him to walk through that door and tucked up safely in bed.

Thoroughly gripping and addictive, The Curfew is definitely one to get on your list. With short thrilling chapters this is one book you won’t want any distractions from so make sure you’ve got that door locked so no one can disturb you.


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