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Childrens Book Review: Myrtle the Turtle by Chris Jones @profchrisrjones@KellyALacey@lovebookstours@igbooktours

Today is my stop on the tour for Myrtle the Turtle by Chris Jones, illustrated by Becca Wain. Many thanks to Kelly at Love Books Tours for for the copy of this book and for the opportunity to join the tour.

About the book

Did you know there are only around 700 hawksbill turtles left on the planet? Myrtle is one such turtle.

This beautiful children’s picture book tells her story and introduces us to the challenges climate change poses for these beautiful creatures. Narrated through perfect rhyme, Myrtle’s story blends positivity with a dose of realism.

Climate change is something none of us can ignore. Yet the story of Myrtle does not seek to scare or intimidate young minds. Rather, the message is of hope and inspiration.

Explore this beautiful and heart-warming story that champions the beauty of our normal world and the wonders of conservation.

Recommended age group is 3-9

My thoughts

Climate change is such an important topic and one that children really need to learn about from an early age and what a perfect way to do this with Myrtle the Turtle.

Written in rhyme and with gorgeous illustrations, Myrtle the Turtle is a joy to read, listen to and see. There is a certain part in the story where my 3 year old got a little bit upset but as I continued reading she got engrossed in the story again and it passed and since then she now knows what’s coming.

The story shows how over the years the world has changed, things aren’t as easy for our sea creatures but it also gives us hope and that one day our children will be the ones to make the changes needed.

Darcy is too young to have a proper discussion about climate change but I think this would be a fabulous book to have in schools, it would be great for class discussions and learning and I’m looking forward to being able to keep reading this book with Darcy and teaching her as she grows.

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