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Book Review: The Book of Sand by Theo Clare @centurybooksuk

SAND. A hostile world of burning sun.

Outlines of several once-busy cities shimmer on the horizon. Now empty of inhabitants, their buildings lie in ruins.

In the distance a group of people – a family – walk towards us.

Ahead lies shelter: a ‘shuck’ the family call home and which they know they must reach before the light fails, as to be out after dark is to invite danger and almost certain death.

To survive in this alien world of shifting sand, they must find an object hidden in or near water. But other families want it too. And they are willing to fight to the death to make it theirs.

It is beginning to rain in Fairfax County, Virginia when McKenzie Strathie wakes up. An ordinary teenage girl living an ordinary life – except that the previous night she found a sand-lizard in her bed, and now she’s beginning to question everything around her, especially who she really is …

Two very different worlds featuring a group of extraordinary characters driven to the very limit of their endurance in a place where only the strongest will survive.

The Book of Sand is available to purchase now.

Now this book has been screaming at me to read it since it popped through my door and when the time came to pick it up and after reading a few pages I knew it was going to be difficult to put down.

With it’s duel timeline The Book of Sand introduces us to a family, not a blood family but a family of mismatched people who have been brought together and live in a shuck out in the dessert. They are tasked with finding an object, the only problem is, others are hunting it too.

McKenzie Strathie is a teenager living in Virginia, she lives with her parents and older brothers but strange things are happening to her, is she going crazy?

I loved both timelines, they were both very different and although I knew they would come together I had no idea how and I have to say I was quite stunned when they did. I seriously wasn’t expecting it at all.

I wouldn’t say this is a fast paced book but each page had me hooked, the detail is remarkable, it’s not over powering but it’s enough to make you really imagine and picture the scenes. It had me sweating and thirsty and it had me absolutely terrified at a couple of points, serious shivers down the spine.

It’s funny because this isn’t the type of book I would normally go for and I’m so happy I gave it a try. Some of the characters really got under my skin, the world building is amazing and over all it’s just a really blooming good story. I’m so happy that this is the first book of a trilogy and I cannot wait to see what happens next.

Massive thanks to Century Publishing for the gifted arc and opportunity to be on the blog tour.

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