2021, Book review

Book Review: Pug Actually by Matt Dunn @mattdunnwrites @HQstories

When your dog plays Cupid…what could possibly go wrong?
Loyal rescue pug Doug wants his adoring owner Julie to find unconditional love and happiness – and he knows she won’t find either in the arms of Luke, her married boss.
Doug is terrified that Julie will become a lonely cat-lover if she stays single too long, but he can’t let her fall for any more of Luke’s empty promises. Julie needs to move on – and Doug is convinced that Tom, a newly divorced V-E-T, is perfect for her (despite his questionable occupation).
There’s just one problem: Julie and Tom can’t stand each other.
Doug doesn’t quite understand the quirks and complexities of human relationships, but he won’t let that get in the way of his mission to bring Tom and Julie together. After all, being a ‘rescue’ works both ways…

My thoughts

Oh my goodness, isn’t Doug the cutest little pug. I honestly could just give him a big squishy cuddle and what a clever little character he is.

Pug Actually is told from Doug’s point of view, his owner Julie is in a relationship with a married man called Luke who’s also her boss and Doug really doesn’t like him. Julies Dad and her best friend both try to get Julie to see what a big mistake she’s making with no luck so Doug makes his mission to set Julie up, the only problem is the man in mind Tom, well he’s a V-E-T.

Julie to start with really irritated me, she’s so gullible and naive and I just want to tell her to open her eyes, I also felt so sorry for her because she thinks she’s in love and her head is being filled with so many lies and she’s at that stage in her life where she’s scared she’s going to end up lonely.

Doug on the other hand I loved from beginning to end. It might sound strange that a dog is the narrator of this book but it works so well and he’s a funny little chap. Honestly he will go straight to your heart.

Pug Actually is such a fun read, it’s quirky, unique and I just loved it. It’s a story that you pick up and just don’t want to put down. It’s a book the is guaranteed to cheer you up and I just loved it and will definitely be highly recommending it.

Many thanks to the publishers for my review copy, all opinions are my own.

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