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Book Review: Truth or Dare @MJarlidge @OrionPublishing @Tr4cyF3nt0n

About the book

A crimewave sweeps through the city and no one is safe.

A murderous arson attack at the docks.
A brutal carjacking in a deserted car park.
A fatal hammer attack in a lonely country park.

Crimes without motive, without suspects, without leads.

Each crime is a piece of a puzzle – with many more pieces still to come. And as they gradually fall into place, Detective Inspector Helen Grace comes to realise just how twisted and devious this web of crime is – and how impossible it will be to stop it . . .

My thoughts

Holy smoke, I can’t believe we’re onto book 10 of the DI Helen Grace series. This is one of my favourite series and this is probably cliche but this is a series that just gets better and better.

We return to Southampton where there’s a crimewave ramping through the city, Helen Grace and her team don’t seem to be getting anywhere and as the crimes mount up it looks like the team are loosing control of the city.

I absolutely love how the author writes these books, I have no idea what’s going on or what’s going to happen, I learn as Helen does and in Truth or Dare I was baffled. There seemed to be so many crimes, all very different and I couldn’t see how they were connected or how they could be connected.

The writing is vivid and I had to keep reminding myself it wasn’t real but somehow the author always manages to make me feel uneasy and tense, I blooming love it.

Helen’s a fantastic character and I’ve loved following her journey through these books, she’s feisty and determined and in Truth or Dare she’s up against so many things but she shoulders on, she has her wobbles and doubts like any human would and it just makes her all the more likeable.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Helen Grace yet then I highly recommend starting from the beginning, it’s guaranteed you’ll whizz through them, love them and be waiting patiently like me for book 11.

Many thanks go to Tracy Fenton at Compulsive Readers and Orion Books for the ebook via NetGalley and for the opportunity to be on the blog tour.

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