2020, Book review

Book Review: Badly Behaved Women: The Story of Modern Feminism by Anna-Marie Crowhurst @writercrow @welbeckpublish

When this absolutely stunning book popped through my door I knew it was one that not only would I read cover to cover, it was one that would sit on my bookshelf, pride of place for everyone to see. So I’d like to say a massive thank you to Welbeck Publishing for the #gifted copy, this is a book I will treasure.

About the book

Badly Behaved Women is the illustrated story of the past 100 years of the women’s movement, from suffrage, alleged bra burning and the politics of hair to Beyoncé, body positivity and #MeToo.
In the early twentieth century, through ceaseless dedication and fearless campaigning, the women’s movement achieved what had previously been unimaginable: a woman’s right to vote. Four waves of feminism and a century on, the rich cultural history of this movement is truly worthy of celebration.
Accompanied by stunning photographs, personal testimony essays from key figures and archive material from sources around the world, Anna-Marie Crowhurst’s compelling and entertaining retelling of this multi-stranded, global and ongoing story also examines the flaws of the movement and the future of feminism.
Personal testimony essays from: Alice Coffin; Juno Dawson; Diana Evans; Nadia Ghulam; Susie Orbach; Helen Pankhurst; Gisela Pérez de Acha; Laura Perlongo; Emeli Sandé; Anne Wafula Strike; Hibo Wardere; Harriet Wistrich; Rosie Wolfenden.

Badly Behaved Women is available to purchase now – Waterstones | Amazon

My thoughts

Now it’s taken me quite a while to write this review and it’s not because I didn’t enjoy the book because I did, I blooming loved it, I’ve just not been able to find the words to do this book any justice what so ever.

Badly Behaved Women looks at feminism through the years from the suffragette movement in the early 1900’s, how women had to fight to take the pill to more recent campaigns such as the #metoo movement. 

I loved everything about this book and found it so, so interesting. Some of the topics I was familiar with but others I hadn’t really given much consideration. Like women having to fight to wear trousers, I only ever wear a skirt or dress for very special occasions and it’s not really something I’d ever thought about.

Not only is this book absolutely packed with interesting topics but alongside there is some fantastic imagery and very powerful interviews and found myself looking up more details on some of the topics covered, wanting to learn more.

When I first received this book I read it from cover to cover and since then I’ve gone back time and time again to read different sections. Badly Behaved Women I’ve seen described as a coffee table book but since I have a toddler who can’t keep her hands to herself I’ve placed it up on a shelf in full view and because it has such a stunning cover it jumps out at you when you enter the room.

Badly Behaved Women would make a fantastic present and I think every woman young or old should read it and I know each and every person that does will take something away from it. It’s powerful, it’s interesting, it’s beautiful and thought provoking and I know I’ll definitely be gifting a few copies this Christmas.

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