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Happy Dog Days at the Pug Cafe by Anushka Fernando and Bertie the Pug. @PugBertie @pugcafe @TheMirrorBooks #BlogTour

Today is my stop on the blog tour for Happy Dog Days at the Pug Cafe by Anushka Fernando and Bertie the Pug and I’d like to say a massive thank you to Mel at Mirror Books for the opportunity to read and review this gorgeous book.

About the book

Bertie the pug had an unlucky start in life.

Diagnosed with hemivertebrae and unable to walk, his owner decided to open up a dog-friendly cafe where he could meet friends and have fun.

The Pug Cafe quickly became a very special place for all dog owners to meet and have a drink.

But when the cafe faced closure, it was brave Bertie the pug and his friends who came to the rescue.

Inspired by true events, Happy Days at the Pug Cafe tells the heartwarming story of one little pug and his beloved cafe.

Help yourself to a Puguccino, put up your paws and get your nose into the heartwarming tale of Bertie and friends.

Happy Dog Days at the Pug Cafe is available to purchase now – Bookshop.org | Mirror Books | Amazon

My thoughts

Bertie is the runt of the litter and when all his siblings are taken away to their forever homes wee Bertie hopes his turn will come soon. Anushka and a man called James fall in love with Bertie at first sight and here begins Berties story.

When Bertie has his first proper outside walk he becomes unwell and has to under go major life saving surgery and having been out of action Anushka decides that to gain proper doggy social skills she’ll try and host a pug meeting in the park.

Pushing aside her shyness and anxiety to help Bertie we see how much love there is between pug and owner and as the story is told by them both it’s clear the understanding they both have for each other.

I absolutely loved reading about how the pug cafe came about and how successful it has become. I didn’t even know such a thing existed and it’s just wonderful.

Reading Bertie and Anushka’s story is so heart warming, it’s like receiving a big warm hug. The bond a dog and their owner can have is invaluable and it is true that a dog knows when you’re down and need a cuddle and a little lick to wipe the tears away.

This is such a heart warming story but it does have some sad moments so get the hankies ready but I just loved every single word in this book. It’s clear that Anushka has a real understanding of Bertie and I loved his narrative. I loved how together they brought a community together and made so many people happy. I just loved everything about this book and I think every dog lover will too.

After finishing this book I got myself straight onto Instagram to have a look at Berties page and the Pug Cafe page and oh my goodness, I’m in love.

So if you’re looking for a story that will warm your heart and bring a big smile to your face then this is the book for you. If you know someone that needs a smile then this is the perfect gift for them. I definitely highly recommend it.

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About the authors

Anushka Fernando and her pug Bertie set up the UK’s first real-life Pug Cafe, the perfect place for pugs to relax with their human buddies and socialise. The cafe has donated and worked with charities including PDWRA and FLOOF and made numerous appearances across national media. This is Anushka and Bertie’s first book based on their real-life adventures together.

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