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Book Review: Someone’s Listening by Seraphina Nova Glass @seraphinaNova @TitanBooks @Sarah_Mather_15 #BlogTour #SomeonesListening

Happy hump day everyone, today is my birthday and I get to share my review as part of the blog tour for this absolutely fantastic book, Someone’s Listening by Seraphina Nova Glass. Massive thanks to Sarah at Titan Books for the invite and the gifted copy of the book.

About the book

Faith Finley has it all: she’s a talented psychologist with a flourishing career, a bestselling author and the host of a popular local radio program, Someone’s Listening, with Dr. Faith Finley. She’s married to the perfect man, Liam Finley, a respected food critic.
Until the night everything goes horribly wrong, and Faith’s life is shattered forever.
Liam is missing—gone without a trace—and the police are suspicious of everything Faith says. They either think she has something to hide, or that she’s lost her mind.
And then the notes begin to arrive. Notes that are ripped from Faith’s own book, the one that helps victims leave their abusers. Notes like “Lock your windows. Consider investing in a steel door.”
As the threats escalate, the mystery behind Liam’s disappearance intensifies. And Faith’s very life will depend on finding answers.

Someone’s Listening is available to purchase now – Amazon | Titan Books

My thoughts

When I read the description for this book I knew straight away it was going to be good, I didn’t realise though how addictive it would be and I found very quickly I couldn’t put the book down. I ended up devouring it, only stopping to make a cuppa, even then the book came with me to the kitchen.

Faith Finley is a successful woman, she’s a psychologist, she has a spot on a radio show and is a best selling author but when Faith wakes up in hospital after a car accident her world is turned upside down. Faiths husband was in the car when it crashed but he’s now missing, when the police turned up she was the only one there. So where is Liam and could he really have done a runner?

Told in two time frames this is a very clever story. Going back to a few weeks before the accident we slowly get to see the build up, the things that were going on in the couples seemingly perfect lives. In the present we get to try and piece together the mystery of Liam along with Faith, really only learning as she does and it was interesting to see how she coped with it all.

I felt sorry for Faith sometimes, other times I wanted to give her a shake. She heavily depends on alcohol and prescription drugs to deal with things which as a reader you can see clearly isn’t helping and she’s pretty much alone, having lost contact with most of her friends and neighbours which doesn’t help.

I can’t tell you how many times I gasped during this book, there’s so many twists and turns and red herrings. It’s crazily good and it’s a story that I found I didn’t know or guess what was coming. I mean I tried, everyone was a suspect at one point or another and I loved it. It’s like a jigsaw where you slowly put the pieces together and when you get to that final piece, satisfaction.

Seriously, if you like psychological thrillers then this will definitely be up your street. It was thrilling, suspenseful, tense and totally and utterly gripping. I definitely recommend Someone’s Listening, it’s a cracker and I can’t wait to see what Seraphina Nova Glass come up with next.

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