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Book Review: A Prayer for the Broken by Mark Tilbury @MTilburyAuthory #BlogTour

Today I’m sharing my review for A Prayer for the Broken by Mark Tilbury as part of the blog tour. Massive thanks to Mark for the invite and gifted copy of the ebook.

About the book

They promised the boy he’d be safe – they lied!When eleven-year-old John McCormack’s mother is murdered, he is placed in the care of Pastor Ian Stone and his family. Clearwater House is a far cry from the squalid flats he’s been used to, but John soon learns that Pastor Stone’s perverted form of religion is anything but compassionate. As Stone attempts to purify John’s soul of “dangerous levels of toxicity”, it becomes increasingly clear he’s at the mercy of a madman. Who can John talk to when no one wants to listen? Who can he trust when all he knows is betrayal? A Prayer for the Broken is the story of one child’s desperate fight to escape a sadistic killer who has complete control over him. The perfect book for fans of Chris Carter and M W Craven.

A Prayer for the Broken is available to purchase now – Amazon

My thoughts

Now I’ll give you a little warning before you pick up this book, make sure you have plenty time to read this, no disturbances. Shut the doors, the curtains, make a cuppa and grab a packet of biscuits because once you start A Prayer for the Broken you won’t want to put it down.

I made the mistake of starting this late one evening and I honestly needed matchsticks the next day, I became hooked very early on and took our protagonist John to the heart straight away.

John McCormack is eleven years old and after finding his mother dead and no one left to look after him he is placed into care. His foster family are lovely and he’s happy but they’re not permanent and he’s placed into the home of Pastor Ian Stone along with his wife and son at Clearwater house.

Clearwater house isn’t a home though and John is soon looking for a way to escape. Pastor Ian Stone is a religious nut who thinks John needs purifying. I won’t go into any details but my heart broke for John, he’s just a young lad who’s lost his mother and needs some care and to live life like any eleven year old should.

I could feel my blood pressure rising as I read this book and my emotions were all over the place. It’s a story that really draws you in and when you’re not reading you’re thinking about it but it’s one of those stories I was hesitant to go back to because I was scared what was coming next. I wanted John to be happy, if I’m honest I just wanted to grab him and take him home and look after him.

Mark Tilbury has written a fantastic story, it’s tense, it’s heart wrenching and it’s totally gripping and although it’s a difficult story to read at times you need to keep reading to find out what will happen. I’ll definitely be recommending A Prayer for the Broken, it’s a story that will stay with me for a long time.

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