2020 · Book review

Book Review: I Know What I Saw by S. K. Sharp @PenguinUKBooks

She remembers everything.
She understands nothing.
Only a handful of people in the world have a truly perfect memory. Nicola is one of them. It’s more of a curse than a blessing – every moment of sadness, embarrassment and unhappiness is burned into her mind forever – so she plays it down, and tries to live a quiet life.
But a body has been found, a discovery that threatens to tear her community apart – and reopen old wounds from decades ago.
Nicola was a child, but she remembers the night with perfect clarity. Despite that, she never discovered the truth of what happened.
Now she must use her unique memory to solve the murder, or watch the man she loved be wrongly convicted of the crime…

I know What I Saw is released October 1st 2020 and is available to pre-order now – Amazon

My thoughts

Do you ever think back to a time in your life and the memories are a bit blurry or someone asks if you remember a certain day and you just can’t? Well Nicola our protagonist in I Know What I Saw remembers everything, the good, the bad and the ugly. Nicola has a condition called hyperthymesia which only a rare few people in the world have, is not being able to forget a blessing or curse?

When Nicola gets a phone call from her ex- husband Dec asking for her help Nicola must try and piece together an evening from over thirty years ago to prove his innocence. She knows the basics, can remember everything that happened with Dec and herself that evening but she needs to piece together events that happened when she wasn’t there. Why was her mother arguing with Decs Dad? Did Dec really go back to the pub after he left her?

I honestly couldn’t imagine being able to remember everything, heck I struggle to remember what I did yesterday let alone thirty odd years ago but it was really interesting seeing how Nicola deals/or not with things. The way she just zones out of the world around her and gets totally lost in her memories.

Told in the here and now and then taking us back through Nicolas memories I was totally and utterly gripped with this story. I had an idea who had committed the crime but there was always doubt and I think I probably blamed every character throughout the book.

I Know What I Saw is a tense story and it’s one that makes you really want to keep on reading, you can’t just think I’ll read one more chapter because it’s impossible. I totally devoured this book and it kept pace right the way through which I love.

This is definitely a book to look out for, it’s original, gripping and one I’ll definitely be recommending.

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