2020, Book review

Book Review: I Love You Too, Daddy by Shervin Jamali @ShervinJamali @CazVinBooks

A young man hears a voice, compelling him to write the story of his life. About a father, and brother, he adores. And perhaps a mother, who got lost in the shuffle. But there’s so much more. The voice convinces him others might benefit from his tale. That they too could overcome loss as a result. So Jason writes his emotional journey.

I Love You Too, Daddy is available to purchase now – Amazon

I Love You Too, Daddy is a short story at roughly 80 pages but oh boy does it pack a punch. The story follows Jason from being a baby through to adult hood and is told almost in diary style.

Jason suffers a lot of loss throughout his life and you’d need a heart of stone to not feel for him. My heart ached for him and I’ll admit I did find it difficult to read due to having lost my 7 year old daughter to cancer but I needed to know how things would progress for him and would he find happiness?

Jason’s bond with his brother and Dad were very special but I really felt for his mum, she suffered yet sort of got pushed to the side lines.

I Love You Too, Daddy is a story that is sad but also gives hope and it has a few surprises which I didn’t see coming. It’s a fairy quick read but it’s a story that will stay with the reader, just make sure you have some hankies at the ready.

Many thanks go to Shervin Jamali for reaching out and for gifting me an ecopy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

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