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Book Review: The First Lie by A.J. Park @AJParkauthor @orionbooks #TheFirstLie

Today I’m delighted to be sharing my review for The First Lie by A.J. Park as part of the blog tour. Many thanks to Orion books for the opportunity and for my review copy received via NetGalley.

About the book

A freak accident. An impossible choice. But what was the first lie?
When Paul Reeve comes home to find his wife in the bathroom, bloodied and
shaking, his survival instinct kicks in.
Alice never meant to kill the intruder. She was at home, alone, and terrified.
She doesn’t deserve to be blamed for it. Covering up the murder is their only
But the crime eats away at the couple and soon they can’t trust anyone – even
one another…
But there is much more at stake than anyone realises – and many more people
on their trail than they can possibly evade…

The First Lie is available to purchase now – Amazon

My thoughts

The First Lie is a unique book and I’ll be honest and tell you to start with I was a little confused and unsure of where it was taking me. You see it felt like I was reading two different stories and I couldn’t see how they would or could connect. Both were intriguing though so I was super excited to see what lay ahead.

You’ll get an idea from the synopsis of what part of the story is about so I won’t go into any more detail but it was really interesting to see how Paul and Alice dealt with what they had done. I don’t agree with it but I could kind of understand the pressure they felt and my loyalties wavered between the couple. I couldn’t fully trust either of them so my suspicions were high throughout the book.

I said earlier that it was like reading two different stories but my confusion soon disappeared because as you follow the story you are given hints at how they will connect and I couldn’t have guessed the ending at all.

The First Lie is quite a fast paced psychological thriller, it hooks you from the first pages, it grabs your attention and I knew I wouldn’t want to put the book down. It’s well plotted and it has an edge to it, it’s like you are reading the words and understanding them but there was always an element of doubt and I knew there was more to it, more to come but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. Obviously it was all made very clear at the end though and I was left feeling quite satisfied.

The First Lie is definitely one to add to your shopping basket, thoroughly enjoyable.

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