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Book Review: The Weight of Small Things by Julie Lancaster @TheMirrorBooks #TheWeightofSmallThings

Today as part of the blog tour for The Weight of Small Things by Julie Lancaster I have the pleasure of sharing my review. Many thanks to Mirror Books for my gifted copy.

About the book

Nine-year-old Frankie Appleton likes to count gates. One day she hopes to design the perfect gate – a gate to keep the bad things out. Little does she know that the bad things have already got in. Now her mother is dead, and the only other person with a house key has disappeared. Frankie thinks she knows who it is. But first she has to prove it. A delicately brutal exploration of what lies behind closed doors, and the secrets and lies that form the fabric of every family, The Weight of Small Things is as charming as it is chilling.

The Weight of Small Things is published in ebook on May 28th but available to preorder now – Amazon
The paper back will be published August 6th and can also be preordered now – Amazon

My thoughts

I finished this book a few days ago and I’ve really struggled to write a review for it, there just doesn’t seem to be the right words to describe this beautifully written story.

Nine year old Frankie Appleton is the narrator throughout some of this story and she’s a character that I think every reader will take to their heart. She’s a clever little thing and life hasn’t been kind to her. She’s older than her years and sadly is a little girl that’s had to grow up far too fast.

Set in the 1980’s this is a heart breaking story and although the synopsis suggests that this is a murder mystery it’s actually so much more. Taking us back in time we get see how the characters have become what they’ve become and it gives us much more of an understanding.

The story tackles some tough issues that are quite difficult to read but they are done with sensitivity and important to the story.

This is an incredible debut by Julie Lancaster and although I could probably have read it in one sitting I took my time with it and savoured it. It really tugged at my heart strings, it was tense and had mystery but most of all it had Frankie who was just a fascinating character and will stay in my heart. I really look forward to reading more from this author, hopefully soon.

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