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Audio Book Review: Fair Warning by Michael Connelly @orionbooks @Connollybooks #FairWarning

Today I’m sharing my review for Fair Warning by Michael Connolly, book 3 in the Jack McEvoy series. Huge thanks to Alex of Orion Publishing the gifted audio copy.

About the book

Veteran Reporter Jack McEvoy has taken down killers before, but when a woman he had a one-night stand with is murdered in a particularly brutal way, McEvoy realises he might be facing a criminal mind unlike any he’s ever encountered.
McEvoy investigates – against the warnings of the police and his own Editor – and makes a shocking discovery that connects the crime to other mysterious deaths across the country. But his inquiry hits a snag when he himself becomes a suspect.
As he races to clear his name, McEvoy’s findings point to a serial killer working under the radar of law enforcement for years and using personal data shared by the victims themselves to select and hunt his targets.

Fair Warning will be available to purchase on 26th May 2020 and is available to preorder now – Audible

My thoughts

This is my first Michael Connolly book but I’ve heard so many good things about his writing that I had to see for myself. I don’t usually like going into a series that’s already established but I didn’t have to worry as Fair Warning reads well as a stand alone just fine.

Jack McEvoy arrives home one evening to be greeted by two LAPD Police officers. They are there to question him on his connection with a lady called Tina Portrero who has been found brutally murdered. Her friend claims Tina had been the victim of stalking before her murder but Jack only met Tina once and that was a year ago when they spent an evening together. He’s never seen her since.

Working as a journalist for a consumer protection website called Fair Warning, Jack enlists the help of former colleague Rachael, together they set out to find out what happened and when they uncover more women murdered in a similar way the investigation leads them to a connection. Each woman used a DNA search company to help them find lost family members.

It was fascinating listening to how the private DNA company GT23 sold on the DNA analysis for huge profits and damn right scary to boot. Thankfully I’ve never had my DNA analysed.

Fair Warning is a story that really had me hooked from the first chapter, it drew me in and I found myself trying to find things to do so I could listen some more.

The characters were realistic, Jack is flawed but he’s determined and a hard worker. I instantly liked him and wanted him to find out the truth. I’m kicking myself that this is the first time I’ve met him, I need to catch up.

The story is read by Peter Giles who does a fantastic job. It was clear and precise and made the story very easy to listen to.

Fair Warning is a story that is tense and thrilling, it flows superbly and kept me on my toes. It’s clear it’s been well researched and with realistic characters it’s one I’ll definitely be recommending.

1 thought on “Audio Book Review: Fair Warning by Michael Connelly @orionbooks @Connollybooks #FairWarning”

  1. I have read all of Connelly’s books, needless to say I am a fan! 🙂
    I have never listened to one of his books and I thought I would start here, so I am thrilled to see you enjoyed it!!


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