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Book Review: All The Words Unspoken by Serena Kaur @SerenaKaurG @RedDoorBooks #AllTheWordsUnspoken

Things are not going well for Maansi Cavale.
Her depression is worsening, she barely passes her university exams and she winds up stuck at home, full of regret and unable to find a job. She’d do anything for a way out.
Though Maansi previously considered arranged marriage an outdated tradition (only to be agreed to if you’re in your mid-forties and unable to bag anybody yourself), a chance meeting at an Indian wedding party changes everything. Desperate to escape the shackles of monotony and unemployment, she agrees to marry the handsome and wealthy Aryan Alekar. She convinces herself a new lifestyle and wealth will lift her out of the pit. She secures the marriage, but not before serving up a few lies about herself…
As they settle into married life, Aryan remains a mystery to Maansi: some days warm and loving, others cold and distant. Maansi can’t help but wonder…who is Aryan Alekar really? And why did he choose to marry so young? While living with Aryan, Maansi realises she could never be satisfied playing housewife. After all, she once had goals and dreams.
While searching for the ambitious Maansi she has buried, Maansi starts to realise that the man she has married is even further from what he seems… Can she salvage their union or will they set each other free?

All The Words Unspoken is available to purchase now – Red Door Press

It’s an absolute pleasure to be sharing my review for All The Words Unspoken by Serena Kaur as part of the blog tour today. Many thanks to Red Door Press for the opportunity and copy of the book for review.

My thoughts

In All The Words Unspoken we meet Maansi who is studying at university but things don’t quite go to plan and Maansi ends up back home with her parents after not quite getting the grades she had hoped for. She finds herself unemployed and her depression is rearing it’s ugly head again.

When an opportunity comes along that could help Maansi change her life she’s not overly keen on the idea, I mean I don’t think I’d be too happy with an arranged marriage either but after some thought Maansi goes ahead and marries Aryan. Now Aryan is from a wealthy family, he’s good looking and ok they can’t possibly fall head over heals in love after the first week but Maansi wants to really give it a go but what is Aryan hiding, why is he so guarded with her?

Now when I read the description for this book I thought I new what I was getting in to, I was looking forward to reading it and new I’d enjoy it but I didn’t realise just how much and it’s far from the love story I was expecting and it gave me so much more.

It tackles some quite difficult subjects but the author does it in a way that is sensitive and easy to understand, especially if you have never been in any of the situations that are presented. It really made me stop and think at some points, but not for long as I was desperate to find out what would happen next.

I adored Maansi, she has her demons but she is real and from the very beginning I took to her and she really grew on me and I loved watching her evolve throughout the story. Aryan on the other hand, I can’t say I didn’t like him but I didn’t really trust him. Up until about half way Aryan is quite a mystery but then we hear more about him, his past and his demons and hecreally grew on me as well.

All The Words Unspoken is such a wonderful story, it had me engaged from the first page and I’m surprised the book didn’t catch on fire, the speed I was turning those pages. It’s written in a way that it just really pulls you in, catches your attention and a when I did have to put it down I was thinking about it.

This is a wonderful debut novel from Serena Kaur, it’s a story that really got under my skin and it’s one I’ll be recommending and shouting about., I could go and on telling you how good this book is but I won’t and the last thing I’ll add is read it, you won’t be disappointed.

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