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Audio Book Review: The Split by Sharon Bolton @AuthorSJBolton @TrapezeBooks #TheSplit

It’s a pleasure to be sharing my review today for The Split by Sharon Bolton as part of the audio book blog tour. Many thanks to the publishers for the opportunity and audio copy of the book.

About the book

A year ago, in desperation, Felicity Lloyd signed up for a lengthy research trip to the remote island of South Georgia.
It was her only way to escape.
Freddie Lloyd has served time for murder. Out at last, he’s on her trail.
And this time, he won’t stop until he finds her.

Tense, gripping and with a twist you won’t see coming, Sharon Bolton is back in an explosive new thriller about a woman on the run…

The Split is available to pre-order now Amazon

My thoughts

In The split we are taken to South Georgia where Felicity Lloyd is a Glaciologist, part of the British Antarctic Survey team and she’s on tenterhooks waiting for the last boat to arrive to South Georgia before the winter makes it impossible. Having scanned the passenger list she knows Freddie, the man she fears and who has just been released from prison is on board and she is determined he will not find her.

I felt the tension building straight away in this story and i almost felt like the setting of South Georgia was a character in itself. It’s very atmospheric and dangerous but a beautiful place.

The story then moves back nine months where Felicity, after an episode that found her with no recollection is seeing Dr. Joe Grant a therapist. Felicity fears that she won’t get the approval she needs to make her trip unless she can convince the Dr she is safe enough to take the trip. Through her visits though the Dr realises that Felicity has memory blanks and she also thinks someone is entering her house and has found a diary with entries she has no recollection of writing.

We also meet Delilah, a pink haired police officer who happens to be Joes mum. She’s investigating the murder of a homeless woman and is concerned as another of the homeless goes missing.

Sharon Bolton knows how to weave a tale. It seemed like there were so many threads and I couldn’t quite figure out how they would all tie together and it kept me absolutely hooked. I found myself thinking I had an idea, almost a light bulb moment and was in all honesty quite chuffed with myself then a curveball was thrown and I was back to square one again and I love it when a story keeps you on your toes like that.

The narrator Katie Scarfe does a splendid job, it’s read out clearly and her voice is so easy to listen to and it was very easy to picture things as they were happening in the story.

I’ve been a big fan of Sharon Bolton’s work but this is the first of her books I’ve had the pleasure of listening to and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was tense, atmospheric and ever so twisty. Definitely one I’ll recommend.

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