2020, Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal: Daisy on the Outer Line by Ross Sayers @Sayers33 @cranachanbooks #Lovebookstours @lovebooksgroup

Today I’m joining in on the cover reveal for Daisy on the Outer Line by Ross Sayers which is published by Cranachan Books on November 5th 2020.

About the book

Life, Death and Time Travel on the Glasgow Subway…

When selfish student Daisy trashes her stepdad’s funeral, she gets blind drunk and wakes up on the Glasgow subway to find she has travelled back in time. To make amends for her behaviour, she must save a life—but she doesn’t know who, how, or where to begin. She’ll have to find out fast if she wants to make it back to her old life and avoid being trapped inthe wrong timeline forever.

This novel was awarded one of the first Scots Language Publication Grants funded by the Scottish Government and administered by the Scottish Book Trust.

Doesn’t it sound fantastic, I can’t wait to read this. So now the moment you’ve been waiting for.

What a lovely bright cover, it really stands out and I know I’d definitely pick this up in a bookshop.

About the author

Ross Sayers grew up in Stirling and now lives in Edinburgh. He’s still finding his way around. His debut novel, Mary’s the Name was released in 2017 and was shortlisted for the Saltire First Book Award. He’s currently working on a sequel to one of his books… You can tweet him praise or abuse @Sayers33

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