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Book Review: A Key to Treehouse Living by Elliot Reed @melvillehouse #AKTTL

It’s an absolute honour today to be sharing my review for A Key to Treehouse Living by Elliot Reed as part of the blog tour. Many thanks to Nikki at Melville House UK for the invitation and review copy of the book.

About the book

An epic tale of boyhood from a unique and unforgettable new voice .
William Tyce is a boy without parents, left under the care of an eccentric, absent uncle. To impose order on the sudden chaos of his life, he crafts a glossary-style list, through which he imparts his particular wisdom and thoughts on subjects ranging from ASPHALT PATHS, CAMPFIRE and NIGHT RAT to MORTAL BETRAYAL, SANITY and REVELATION.
His improbable quest—to create a reference volume specific to his existence—takes him on a journey down the river by raft (see MYSTICAL VISION, see NAVIGATING BIG RIVERS BY NIGHT). He seeks to discover how his mother died (see ABSENCE) and find reasons for his father’s disappearance (see UNCERTAINTY, see VANITY). But as he goes about defining his changing world, all kinds of extraordinary and wonderful things begin to happen to him…
A Key to Treehouse Living is available to purchase now – Amazon

My thoughts

A Key to Treehouse Living is a unique story and it’s told in a glossary style where the main character William Tyce tells us his story. I have never read anything like this before and I’ll admit that to begin with I didn’t think I was going to enjoy this book and seeing how it was written I thought I’d maybe just pick it up, read a few entries and then put it down and so on. Oh boy was I surprised, once I started I just couldn’t stop.

Williams not had it easy at all, his mother died and his dad up and left him with an eccentric uncle who basically leaves him to his own devices. William is a fantastic character that I believe any reader will instantly take to their heart. The very first entry which is done alphabetically is ‘Absence’ and it gave me a little lump in my throat which I found I had many a time during this book, it also made me smile. There were many emotions as William tried to make sense of his life and the world he lives in.

A Key to Treehouse Living is a relatively short book at 226 pages but I took my time reading it and soaked up every word written. It’s difficult to explain this book and I think it could be a marmite one but I absolutely loved it. Like I said earlier it’s totally unique and it probably shouldn’t work but it does.

A stunning debut by Elliot Reed that is creative, unique and fantastically written, I will certainly be recommending.

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