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Review: Little White Lies by Philippa East @philippa_east @HQStories #LittleWhiteLies

I’m sharing my review for Little White Lies by Philippa East as part of the blog tour today thanks to HQ Stories.

About the book

She only looked away for a second…

Anne White only looked away for a second, but that’s all it took to lose sight of her young daughter.

But seven years later, Abigail is found.

And as Anne struggles to connect with her teenage daughter, she begins to question how much Abigail remembers about the day she disappeared…

Little White Lies is available to purchase now – Amazon

My thoughts

Holy smoke, what the heck have I just read? I’m not sure how to put into words how addictive and good this book is but I’ll try.

It’s a parents worst nightmare, your child going missing. It’s something that terrifies me but Anne White had this happen to her 7 years ago. She was in a busy train station with her twin boys in the buggy and 8 year old Abigail by her side when Abigail got bumped out the way and Anne lost sight of her.

7 years later and Abigail now 15 walks into a police station holding the hand of a younger girl and is finally returned home to her family but will it be the happy lovely reunion Anne has been dreaming off? Off course not, that would be boring.

Told from the point of view of Anne and Abigails cousin Jess I was totally hooked from the beginning. The author managed to grab my attention from the first few pages and I found myself totally drawn into this story.

It’s quite an emotionally charged story that is tense and I found myself biting my nails at some points. It’s definitely a story that you can’t just pick up and put down willy nilly, I ended up staying up way into the wee hours reading this, I just had to find out what would happen.

Philippa East has written a fantastic debut, with short chapters, believable characters and a storyline that is just terrifying for any parent. I’m sure I was holding my breath for a lot longer than I should have been reading this….and breathe.

Little White Lies is a book I’ll definitely be recommending and I can’t wait to see what Philippa East comes up with next.

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