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Review: Nine Elms by Robert Bryndza @RobertBryndza @TheCrimeVault #NineElms

Nine Elms is the first book in a new series by the very talented Robert Bryndza, author of the very popular Erika Foster series and I have the great pleasure of sharing my review as part of the blog tour. Many thanks to Kirsteen at Little Brown for the invite and a copy of the book.

About the book

Sixteen years ago, Kate Marshall was a rising star in the London Metropolitan police force. Young, ambitious and driven, with a talent for getting into the minds of criminals, she solved several high-profile murder cases.

But when Kate was tasked with tracking down a vicious serial killer, even her instinct and ability to immerse herself in violent worlds couldn’t help her find him – until he found her.

Now, years after her narrow escape, Kate lives a quiet life on the English coast, though her years with the police are still with her. And when one day she receives a letter from someone in her past, she is pulled back into the twisted mind of a murderer she knows only too well – and into a case only she can solve.

Nine Elms is available to purchase now – Amazon

My thoughts

Sixteen years ago Kate Marshall was forging her career in the police force that is until she found her life turned upside down after catching a serial killer called the Nine Elms Cannibal. Kate is now working at a university on the south coast lecturing in criminology, life is quiet and Kate seems to be on top of things but when she receives an email asking for help Kate finds herself caught up in the past and the present where a copycat serial killer is on the prowl.

What an exciting start to a new series. Kate Marshall is a fantastic character and although she no longer works for the police it’s easy to see that it has never left her, it’s still running through her blood, that thirst to find things out and capture the bad guys. Tristan her assistant at the university is another great character, he’s young and enthusiastic but I feel there’s more to learn about him but I really like the bond these two characters have, I liked how Kate was able to open up a bit and he didn’t judge.

I have to admit there are some quite gruesome scenes in this story, it’s not for the faint hearted but I loved it. As I turned the pages the tension was building and it’s one of those stories that although you desperately want to find out what’s going to happen you’re reluctant to turn the next page due to the fear of what it might actually be.

There were so many twists and turns in the story it gave me palpitations and serious chills. I found myself sitting thinking about the story for a good while after I finished it, I couldn’t seem to get it out my head. It was so easy to get caught up in the story and feel like it was really happening and I couldn’t seem to shake it off. Serious chills.

So you’ll probably realise that I absolutely loved this book and I’m super excited to see what happens in the next instalment. I just can’t blooming wait.

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