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Breaking Dad by James Lubbock with Warren Fitzgerald @lubokian @TheMirrorBooks #BreakingDad

Today I’m sharing my review for Breaking Dad by James Lubbock as part of the blog tour. Many thanks to Mel at Mirror Books for the invite and copy of the book.

About the book

Think you’ve got a dysfunctional family?

Meet mine.

For 18 years, my family lived a normal life in a respectable suburb…

Until one day, my dad gave up his successful career, and unexpectedly became Britain’s most wanted crystal meth dealer.

This is our story. At times shocking, often unbelievable, and all 100% true.

Breaking Dad is available to purchase now – Amazon

My thoughts

After reading the synopsis for Breaking Dad I knew I was in for a tough read, what I wasn’t expecting though was to feel so invested in the story, it felt almost like the story was being told directly to me and I loved that, it was so easy just to slip into the authors world.

I went to bed one evening with plans to just read a couple of chapters, I just wanted a taster of what the book would be like before I went to sleep. Well what a fool I am, before I knew it I had read half the book and it was 2am and I really didn’t want to put it down.

The first few chapters had me choking on my cuppa, honestly you couldn’t make it up and the whole book had me feeling all the emotions. It’s funny, sad and quite tense and I had to shake myself a couple of times to remind myself that this is a true story, this actually happened.

I won’t give anything away about what happens but I couldn’t help wondering how I would cope put it that situation. James has to become the responsible adult while his Dad acts like an irresponsible teenager and worse and I take my hat off to him because not everyone would be like him.

So if you’re looking for a bloody good read, something that you can really get your teeth stuck into then Breaking Dad is the book for you. Just make sure you sit down to read at a reasonable time because you really won’t want to put this book down.

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