2019 · Book review

Growing Pains by Mike Shooter @midaspr #review

Today I’m sharing my review of Growing Pains by Mike Shooter. Thanks go to Amelia of Midas PR for getting in touch and for the copy of the book.

About the book

Child psychiatrist Dr Mike Shooter sheds light on the painful issues and universal experience of growing up, through the stories of his patients and their families.

Growing up isn’t easy. We can be at our most vulnerable and confused. And the right help isn’t always there when we need it most. For over forty years psychiatrist Mike Shooter has listened to children and adolescents in crisis, helping them to find their stories and begin to make sense of their lives. 

Mike Shooter’s own life has been shaped by his battle with depression. It makes him question received wisdom. He knows labels won’t always fit and one diagnosis will not work for all. 

His patients’ stories are at the heart of this book. Mike Shooter shares their journey as, through therapy, they confront everything from loss and family breakdown to bullying, grief and illness. We see how children begin to make breakthroughs with depression or anxiety, destructive, even sometimes violent behaviour.

Growing Pains is compelling and compassionate – a book to make us wiser and braver, and to help us see how children’s stories can find happier endings

Growing Pains is available to purchase here – Amazon

My thoughts

Growing Pains is a collection of case studies from Dr Mike Shooter about some of the patients he has treated over the years giving an insightful and quite fascinating look into the world of child psychiatry. As it is something I have never experienced myself I was apprehensive about what I would read but also looking forward to seeing the work that Dr Mike Shooter did.

I have to say that this was a hard read at times, I found myself with goose bumps and chills at some of the stories but I liked the way they all come to a conclusion whether it was a happy ending or not. I did feel though at times I wanted to find out more but I understand that if that had been the case then the book would have needed to be double the length to fit everything in.

Human trafficking, anorexia and neglect are just a few of the topics covered in these stories and each one deserves to be told, I take my hat off to anyone who can do this job and act professional. I think I would be a soggy mess.

Having over forty years experience, Dr Mike Shooter has seen it all and he comes across as a very caring man even though he’s had his own battles. His honesty about his depression and the help he needs to overcome these bouts makes for very interesting reading and show that even though you have your own struggles in life you can still help others.

Written with compassion and honesty I think every parent should read this. It shows that there is help out there and that it’s not all just a quick fix with tablets, most will work with the child, talk, understand and help to work out ways to cope.

This book was a real eye opener for me and I found myself reading a few chapters, setting the book down, processing what I had read then returning to the book. I think if I’d read it all in one go I wouldn’t have taken so much from it and appreciated it the same way.

Like I said previously, this was a hard book for me to read but I’m so glad I did and I’ll definitely be recommending it.

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