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Crow’s Cottage by John Bowen (@johnybwrites) @Tr4cyF3nt0n

Today I’m pleased to be sharing my review of Crow’sCottage by John Bowen as part of the blog tour. Thanks to Tracy Fenton for the invite.

About the book

A dead man. A missing woman. A haunted cottage.A secret hidden for thirty years…

In 1988 a famous record producer took his own life and a woman vanished after attending a party at Crow’s Cottage.

When the cottage’s owner passes away decades later, the property falls into the hands of his nephew, who finds a strange box hidden there. It is a replica of an infamous occult device called theMephisto Arcane. In the wake of its discovery come sightings of an apparition. The crew of the paranormal TV show Where the Dead Walk are invited to investigate the haunting.

They are about to find the past guards its secrets jealously, and that unlocking them has consequences.

My thoughts

Crow’s Cottage is the sequel to Amazon International bestseller Where the Dead Walk but if you haven’t read it, like me, then don’t worry as Crow’s Cottage works perfectly as a stand-alone.

I’ve always had an interest in the paranormal, I’ve never had any experiences myself sadly but I know people who believe they have and it had me fascinated. Also having been a big fan of paranormal tv shows back in the day this book really appealed to me.

The first thing I noticed about this story is how easy it was to read, the writing just flows from page one and having had to put it down a few times due to having a poorly baby, I instantly got back into the story. It stays with you when you’re not reading, I love when a story does that.

One of the main characters is Chloe, she’s new to paranormal tv show Where the Dead Walk and I really liked her, she’s quite feisty and determined and it was easy to get behind her and hope all turned out well for her.

The descriptions throughout the book are fantastic, you get a real sense of what Crow’s Cottage is like. There were a few shivers I have to admit while I was reading, some genuinely creepy moments which I loved.

I really enjoyed the mystery of this story, finding out the history of Crow’s Cottage and the characters that are connected to it. The references to 80’s celebrity’s brought back memories and I loved thinking about who they could be based on.

I have to say I’m gutted that this is the first book I’ve read by John Bowen but super excited to catch up on all that I’ve missed. Crow’s Cottage really had me hooked from page one, filled with mystery it has a way of getting under your skin, it was fascinating and creepy and with characters you can’t help caring for this was a brilliant read and one I will definitely be recommending.

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