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It’s with great pleasure I’m sharing my review of Who is She? by V. Clifford as part of the blog tour today. Many thanks to Kelly of Love Books Group Tours for the invite.

About the book

Who is She? No one knows that the past is a strange country more than Scottish sleuth Viv Fraser. In this, the fifth Mystery, Viv is compelled to investigate a series of misadventures that are too close to home. Unravelling a veil of deception she discovers just how much of her past is in the present. No stranger to a challenge, she risks more than her pride hunting down the people who have threatened her family. Mac is on hand to help but will she let him?

Who is She? is available to purchase from – Amazon

My thoughts

Who is She? is the fifth book in the Viv Fraser mystery series but sadly only my first, not sure how I’ve missed this series but I’ll definitely be catching up and although this could be read as a stand-alone I think I would have benefited more from reading the series from the start.

Viv Fraser is an interesting character, she’s a mobile hairdresser with regular clients but there’s more to Viv than meets the eye, she’s also signed the official secrets act and seems to be a whizz on a computer and a bit of a sleuth. I definitely liked Viv, she seems like a strong character and someone not to be messed with.

Viv’s mum lives in ‘the pound’ as Viv and her sister Mandy call it, it’s actually sheltered housing but after visiting her mum, Viv can’t help feeling concerned about her mum. She’s acting strange, stranger than normal anyway and keeping secrets.

When her mum, sister and nephew arrive at Viv’s partners house where she’s staying for the weekend it soon becomes apparent that Viv really doesn’t know her mum quite as well as she thought she did, secrets are revealed and eyes are certainly opened.

I really enjoyed this story, it was a fairly quick read but I was hooked from beginning to end. I instantly took to Viv and was utterly intrigued by her character. There’s so much more I want to find out about her though and I think she’s a character that could definitely become one of my favourites.

It’s difficult to say much about the story without giving too much away and I honestly don’t want to spoil it for anyone. What I will say though is that ‘Who is She’ is a fantastic story, it’s fast paced and gripping with many twists and turns. The characters are intriguing and I loved trying to work out the mystery along side them.

I have to say I’ll definitely be reading the first four books now and I’m so looking forward to finding out more about Viv. I’ll definitely be recommending ‘Who is She?’

A fantastically gripping page turner.

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