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I’m super chuffed today to be sharing my review as part of the blog tour for Shadows of Regret by Ross Greenwood. Many thanks go to the author and Caroline Vincent of Bits about Books Blog Tours for the opportunity.

About the book

shadows of regret cover


From the #1 bestselling author of Fifty Years of Fear, SHADOWS OF REGRET is the unforgettable story of a woman’s struggle to rejoin society.

Katie committed a terrible crime. Sixteen years was the price she had to pay.

Once released from prison, she finds the world has changed. But Katie is a survivor.

Isolated and alone, she struggles to make sense of her new life. Starting again isn’t easy, especially after what she’s done.

Despite not feeling free or safe, Katie overcomes her fears and confronts the future. Although history won’t remain forgotten.

Gradually, memories of the past are revealed. When Katie finally exposes the awful truth and sees there are others who share the blame, she must choose her path.

Will she seek redemption, or will she take revenge?

Shadows of Regret is available to purchase now – Amazon UK

My thoughts

Katie is released from prison after serving 16 years and at the beginning we have no idea what crime she committed. With a sentence as long as that though, you know it’s not for just pinching a cup a soup out the local store but the author cleverly keeps you guessing.

I instantly took to Katie, having been inside for such a long time she shows real determination when she is released, things have changed and many would think that being released she would have her freedom back, but it’s not quite as simple as that and Katie has a lot of adjusting to do.

Like I said previously we don’t know what Katie did to be sent to prison but the author has done a wonderful job of taking us back in time to her childhood, switching from past to present we slowly get to read the difficulties Katie faced and what led her to do what she did and oh my word, some of the chapters from her past had me either holding my breath or gasping and I couldn’t swipe the pages fast enough.

Shadows of Regret is a seriously good story, it’s surprising, emotional and utterly gripping and one I will highly recommend.

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About the author

Ross-Greenwood-Author-Image.jpgI was born in 1973 in Peterborough and lived there until I was 20, attending The King’s School in the city. I then began a rather nomadic existence, living and working all over the country and various parts of the world.
I found myself returning to Peterborough many times over the years, usually when things had gone wrong. It was on one of these occasions that I met my partner about 100 metres from my back door whilst walking a dog. Two children swiftly followed. I’m still a little stunned by the pace of it now.
Fifty Years of Fear book was started a long time ago but parenthood and then after working in sales management all my life, i randomly spent four years as a prison officer. Ironically it was the four a.m. feed which gave me the opportunity to finish the book as unable to get back to sleep I completed it in the early morning hours.
I’ve now written five further books. My second book, The Boy Inside, was picked up by a publisher, and Lazy Blood is also out. All my books are thought provoking, and told with a sense of humour. Reading the reviews has been great.
The first three books are stand alone, however, some of the characters cross over, and you can see how at times, their lives overlap.
Abel’s Revenge is something a bit different. It’s a modern day love story set against the backdrop of an escalating serial killer. There’s a whodunnit element to it, and some smiles along the way.
Shadows of Regret was inspired by my time on the women’s side of the jail in Peterborough, and analyses the close relationship between victim and villain. You won’t have read a book like it.
I hope you enjoy reading them.
Please feel free to get in touch.



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