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The Night Visitor by Patrick Redmond #Review #BlogTour @PRedmondAuthor @BooksManatee

The Night Visitor Cover

When does a gift become a curse?

Meg has a gift. She can change lives. But when tragedy strikes in childhood she vows never to use it again.
Now an adult, she is living in Cornwall; a place where the elements themselves have a life of their own. When they call she refuses to listen, fearful of the dark places where her gift can lead.

But the dead will not be silenced. They are stronger than her. And now they have chosen she is powerless to escape…


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Today as part of the blog tour for The Night Visitor by Patrick Redmond I’m over the moon to be sharing my review. Thanks to Tracy Fenton, the author and Manatee Books for the opportunity.

When I first read the description for The Night Visitor I knew it was a book I had to read, I’ve always loved a story with a bit of spookyness but I wasn’t prepared for how engrossed and engaged in this story I would end up being and it was the wee small hours when I finished it.

The story starts off with our main character Meg as a child, Meg has a gift which she doesn’t really understand, a gift that her Grandmother had and one that her mum want’s her to be proud of and embrace but Meg is scared and finds she becomes the subject of bullies. When tragedy strikes Meg blames herself and believes her gift is a curse.

The story then follows Meg as a grown up, she’s worked hard to forget her gift and now works in London as a very successful Lawyer but when tragedy strikes again she is forced to take a sabbatical and takes herself off to Cornwall where trying hard to keep herself busy and forget the guilt her gift makes an unwanted appearance.

I really warmed to Meg, she is a fantastic character. My heart broke for her as a child, no one wants to feel different and I just wanted to take her in and give her a cuddle. As an adult she’s more guarded and she’s tougher which is understandable, she has this overwhelming guilt and finds it difficult to let anyone in but she has a determination about her character that I really liked.

The story is very atmospheric, there is a lot of description to this story which I don’t usually enjoy but this is done brilliantly. The author really sets the scene and draws you in to the story making you feel a part of it, I felt like I was walking along side Meg and could feel how she was feeling.

I have to say I was quite blown away by this story, it really had me totally engrossed and there is so much I want to say about it but I fear I may give something away and I really don’t want to do that. The Night Visitor is a story that you need to make sure you have time to read as once you pick it up you wont want to put it down and I highly recommend not reading it in the dark like I did, the only light coming from my phone I nearly hut the roof when my cat jumped off the wardrobe. I honestly thought I had a night visitor.

Creepy, engaging, atmospheric and down right fantastic, The Night Visitor will be highly recommended from me. 5 stars.



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