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The Dark Place by Stephanie Rogers #Review #BlogTour @steph2rogers1 @BooksManatee

It’s a huge pleasure to be able to share my review for the Dark Place by Stephanie Rogers as part of the bog tour today. My thanks go to Manatee Books, the author Stephanie Rogers and Tracy Fenton for the opportunity and the digital copy of the book. Before I share my review though, here’s a bit about the book.

The Dark Place

When you look at those you love, what do you see?

When Issy, young mother and beloved daughter, seemingly kills herself her family is devastated.

Believing she would never leave son Noah willingly, Jon and Mel determine to discover what really happened to Issy. As they and the rest of the family struggle to come to terms with tragedy, Jon and Mel start to realise Issy’s secrets come from a very dark place…

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The story begins with Issy returning home to her mum and dads house for the holidays after her first year at University and we don’t really find out much about her before she tragically takes her own life. It’s only after and through her parents, Mel and Jon that we find out what a troubled life Issy has led.

Understandably Mel and Jon are devastated by the death of their daughter and the grief is raw and heart-breaking. They don’t understand why this has happened, why Issy could take her own life and leave not only them but her son Noah and they become determined to find out what caused it all.

As the story is told through Mel and Jon in alternating chapters I couldn’t help feeling their pain. Anyone who has lost a child in whatever way knows how hard it is to carry on, how grief takes hold and there’s no rights or wrongs as to the way grief will go and the author has done a fantastic job of portraying it from the feeling of wanting to give up, to take the pain away completely to the anger and devastation that rips right through your body.

The Darker Place starts off with pure devastation and pain and the pain and suffering continue through-out the book as Mel and Jon try to find out what drove their daughter to her death. I couldn’t help feeling their pain as they found out more about Issy’s life and how much they didn’t know but I had a suspicion early on as to the reason why Issy took her own life and I was willy Mel and Jon to see it, to realise what had been going on.

There is so much I want to say about this story but I have the fear I’ll end up giving something away but I do highly recommend you set aside time to read this book as you really wont want to put it down and will end up like me, sleep deprived and reading into the wee small hours.

The Dark Place is a fantastic story, it’s dark and heart-breaking in parts but I couldn’t help feeling a bit of hope through the story, hope that they would find the answers they needed to accept what happened and for the truth to come out.

Definitely a recommended read from me.

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