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Sally Lachlan has a secret that has haunted her for a decade, although perhaps it is time to let it go. A chance meeting with the charismatic geneticist, Anthony Blake, reawakens her desire for love and, at the same time, her daughter Charlie shows signs of wishing to know more about her father. Both the past and the future are places Sally prefers not to think about, but if she wants to find happiness, she will first have to come to terms with her long-ago marriage. Only then will she be able to be honest with Charlie. And herself. 

A story of love and loss, of enduring friendship and unreliable memory, A Perfect Marriage is an enthralling new book from the bestselling author of Stillwater Creek. The novel is also a tale of redemption, of new hopes and fresh beginnings.

A Perfect Marriage is available to pre-order now and will magically appear on your kindle 22nd March – Amazon UK | Amazon US


This is the first book I’ve read by Alison Booth and I was immediately drawn to the book by the stunning cover. Reading the synopsis I was intrigued and couldn’t wait to get stuck in and I wasn’t disappointed.

Sally was a great character, she has a secret that haunts her and it’s only when she meets a handsome man and her daughter Charlie, starts asking questions about her late father that Sally has to face up to the past before she can move on.

The story goes back and forth and is told in “then” and “now” sections that span over ten years. It’s very cleverly done and although I did find the “then” parts a little confusing to start with it all became clear, almost like a little light bulb moment and I totally got how the author was telling this story.

I’m being very vague with this review as I really don’t want to give away anything and I’m really glad I basically knew nothing about the book before I read it. It’s a story that you can’t help being drawn straight in to, one that is very difficult to put down once you start. This is definitely a book I would recommend and I’m looking forward to seeing what other books I have previously missed by this author. 



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