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Disposal (The Tendring series Book 1) by David Evans #BlogTour #Review @DavidEwriter @CarolineBookBit

Today is the final day of the blog tour for Disposal by David Evans and it’s a pleasure to be able to share my review. My thanks go to Caroline and David for the copy and opportunity to be on the tour.

Disposal cover.jpgFrom the author of the International Best Selling Wakefield Series comes DISPOSAL, the first of a completely new crime series.
August 1976 and it seems as though the long hot summer will never end. Early morning at Clacton on the north Essex coast, a light aircraft takes off from the airstrip but struggles for height and crashes into the sea. First on the scene, Sgt Cyril Claydon pulls the pilot’s body from the wreckage. But something else catches his eye. A bulky package wrapped in black plastic is on the passenger seat. Returning to investigate, he makes a grim discovery – another body. And so begins a series of events that puts him and others in danger as he is drawn into the investigation, having to work alongside DI ‘Dick’ Barton, a man with totally alien attitudes.
Can they work together?

Disposal is available to purchase from the following retailers – Amazon UK | Amazon US


Sit back, relax, make sure you have a nice cuppa at your side and prepare to be taken back to the long hot summer of 1976. Sgt Cyril Claydon is nearing the end of his night shift when he witnesses a light aircraft taking off, unable to gain height it crashes into the sea. Cyril is first on the scene and rushes to try to rescue the pilot. As he pulls the pilot from the wreckage something else catches his eye and he makes the grim discovery of another body.

Oh boy, oh boy what a way to start a brand new series. Within the first few pages of Disposal I was hooked, the action had started and I couldn’t wait to try to solve the case.

Disposal is filled with many characters, I’ll admit I did get confused a couple of times but I did love Cyril. He’s an old-fashioned man still mourning the loss of his wife, still troubled by the war but he’s a fantastic caring man and really shines in this story. Working along side DI John ‘Dick’ Barton the two men couldn’t be more different, I really couldn’t take to Barton to start with, he was obnoxious and smarmy but as the story progresses so does the relationship between the two men and Barton shows he has some hidden depths. I really enjoyed this pairing, they really make the book.

Another wonderful character is Doris, Cyril’s elderly neighbour. Oh she was a wee sweetheart with a big heart and she cares deeply for Cyril like a son. Doris really shone and proved to be a very helpful hand in the investigation.

I know I’ve said a lot about the characters in this book and not so much about the plot but I think the characters in this book really do make the story what it is. That may sound like I didn’t enjoy the plot, on the contrary I really did enjoy it. The plot was intriguing with a great pace and it was interesting to see how they worked things out without all the new fangled technology we have these days, things didn’t happen so quick and were frustratingly slow at times. It’s good old-fashioned police work at its best.

The scene is really set well in Disposal with the smoking in the work place, the fashion, the cars, it all just makes you feel like you could be sitting in that era.

I really did enjoy Disposal, it was an intriguing read that kept me guessing through out and I’m looking forward to reading more in this series in the future.


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