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Fifty Years of Fear by Ross Greenwood #BookReview #BlogTour @greenwoodross

I’m over the moon today to be sharing my review for Fifty Years of Fear by Ross Greenwood as part of the bog tour. I’d like to thank Ross for the copy in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Fifty years of fear

Could you forgive murder? What if it was something worse?

A childhood accident robs Vincent of his memories, causing him to become sensitive and anxious around others. His differences attract bullies, and he comes to rely heavily on the support of his family.

After the devastating loss of his parents, a remarkable woman teaches him to embrace life and, little by little, he realises the world is far more forgiving than he imagined. When fragments of his memory return, he begins to unravel his past.

Who was his mother? What kind of a man is his brother, Frank? And why does death surround them?

Fate is cruel. History is dark. Things are not as they seem.

Perhaps he should have stayed at home.

Available to purchase now from the following retailers.

Amazon UK | Amazon US


Told through the voice of Vincent Roach from the age of 14, Fifty Years of Fear is told in a sort of diary style following Vinnie’s life with each chapter going through the years.

Vinnie’s a quiet lad, he’s not popular at school, has a love of reading and he’s troubled by the fact that he can’t remember anything before the accident which occurred at the age of seven. Living at home with his Mum, Dad and his older brother Frank we slowly get to see how life is for Vinnie. His Mum is  quite protective of him and Frank comes across as a bully but Frank looks at Vinnie with a fear that Vinnie just can’t understand.

Vinnie really grew on me over the years, he’s not a lucky chap and even with all life’s difficulties that are thrown at him he seems to be content, taking everything in his stride. His older brother Frank has always looked out for him but whenever Frank appears on the scene trouble seems to follow and the relationship between the brothers was quite complex.

Reading Vinnie’s story wasn’t an easy read, it was heart breaking at times and some of the decisions Vinnie makes throughout life prove to be the wrong ones and I couldn’t help feeling like giving him a shake at these times but his story really got under my skin. Having it told through Vinnie’s voice you only get to see how he perceives things as they happen, how he feels and the consequences they have on his life and as the story builds there was a fear and unease that came over me, I knew there was more to the story than meets the eye.

It’s been really difficult to write this review as I could say so much about this story but I fear I’ll give too much away about the plot. I read Fifty Years of Fear in two sittings, it’s a slow burner at the beginning as you get to know the characters but it grips you and pulls you into Vinnie’s life. It’s a story that had me questioning everything I had just read, the suspense had me turning the pages well into the night when I should have been sleeping and it’s quite unique. Yes it’s uncomfortable reading at times but Ross Greenwood has done a brilliant job of bringing the characters to life and writing a story that really keeps you hooked. I’ll definitely be recommending Fifty Years of Fear.


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