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88 Guys for Coffee by Diane Solomon #review @dianesolomon @EloquentRascals

Today I’m sharing my review for 88 Guys for Coffee by Diane Solomon. A bit different to my usual read of thrillers but this was a welcome break and gave me a much-needed laugh.

88 guys for coffee

Published by Eloquent Rascals June 1st 2017

Amazon UK |Amazon US

About the book

Abandoned – no, dumped from her 7-year marriage, Laura’s self-worth was in tatters. Some people land on their feet. She landed on the kitchen floor in a puddle of frozen yogurt.
Longing to find her true partner in life, Laura takes a deep breath and plunges into online dating. Oh my. What a roller coaster. Only with the aid of modern technology could you line up this many frogs to kiss.
Hilarious and heart-breaking, soul-searching and spiritual, “88 Guys for Coffee” is loosely based on the author’s own 5-year online dating saga. The horror stories are true, bizarre, and laugh-out-loud funny.
Top 1% Goodreads reviewer Dianne Bylo* said, “Should I laugh? Should I cry? Laugh until I cry? Grab a cup of coffee, wear your most comfy clothes and hang out the DO NOT DISTURB sign because this is a tale of the heart and soul… Humorous, heart-breaking, eye-opening and filled with some truly wickedly funny scenes… Read it, laugh with it, roll with it, this is a sparkling gem for sure!” *

My thoughts

Well I’ll be completely honest here and say I have never tried online dating, I’ve actually never known a person who has so I was really intrigued, especially when I read that some of the actual dates were based on real events experienced by the author.

I suppose when you sign up for online dating you would expect your prince to be waiting for you in the sea of frogs some where, although I don’t think our protagonist Laura was quite expecting so many frogs. And as the title suggests, online dating isn’t quite as easy as maybe Laura expected it to be.

Having been dumped by her husband in a not very nice way, it’s time for Laura to jump back on the saddle.  It seems such a simple way, online dating. You set up your profile, add your likes, dislikes and you upload. You’re then connected to others with similar interests, sounds really easy doesn’t it? Well Laura certainly finds out that not everyone is as honest as she is, which makes for some real belly aching laughs and some dates that make you sit and cringe.

I liked Laura, she was a really great character and I was willing for prince charming to arrive soon and sweep her off her feet. After being treated the way she was by her husband I really wanted Laura to find her happily ever after but obviously I didn’t want him to arrive too soon as I was thoroughly enjoying reading all the stories of how these dates went and trying to guess if the next would be as bad as the last.

Even though I laughed until I cried at some points, there is a serious element to the story and the author really shares some good tips if you ever do take the chance at online dating. I really enjoyed 88 Guys for Coffee and recommend it if you are needing a light-hearted read, something that will give you a chuckle and a character that’s easy to like and wish the best for.


My thanks go to the author for the copy in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.



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