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Buried Secrets by T.J. Brearton #review @bookouture @BreartonTJ

It’s an absolute pleasure to be on the blog tour for Buried Secrets by T. J. Brearton today. Huge thanks go to Bookouture for the opportunity.



What if your dream home became your worst nightmare?

Newlyweds Brett and Emily Larson have just moved into a new home deep in the countryside, and are overjoyed when Emily finds out she’s pregnant.

Then they discover human bones in their garden.

As the police start to investigate, three things become clear:

The bones are recent.
They are not here by accident.
They are a message.

When the police put three photographs of known criminals on the Larsons’ kitchen table, the couple realize the danger may be closer to home than they think.

As the situation escalates, can Brett and Emily keep one step ahead to protect themselves – and their unborn child?

Published 18th August by bookouture and available to purchase now.

Amazon UK | Amazon US

My thoughts

Having only been married for three months Brett and Emily Larson move into a dream home in the countryside. With hopes of having a family one day Brett sets about doing the garden up, digging soil to plant vegetables when he comes across some bones. After informing the police, Emily then finds out she is pregnant and what should be one of their happiest times ends up being a journey that both will never forget.

Meanwhile Jimmy Russo has been arrested and sent to prison, the ex-con has been on the straight and narrow and really trying to keep his hands clean for the sake of his wife and 14 month old daughter. Desperate to get out prison, Jimmy is dealt a get out of jail card, all he has to do is a simple job in return.

The story starts off slowly, giving the reader the chance to get to know the characters and really get a feel for their situations. I really liked Brett and Emily but Jimmy seemed to stand out a bit more for me. I’m not sure why, maybe because he’s an ex-con trying to be good but I really took to him.

The pace then really picked up into the second half of the book and totally knocked my socks off. Getting to know the characters at the beginning I wasn’t sure how this story was going to go. Obviously it wasn’t going to be straight forward but I really wasn’t expecting it to go the way it went.

T. J. Brearton really knows how to tell one heck of story. I found it really easy to picture the scenes so it was playing like a movie in my mind as I was reading and I actually think this would make a great movie.  With the different threads coming together and secrets finally being revealed I felt really satisfied at the end of the book. Everything came together perfectly and after such an intense ride I was pleased to get my breath back. 

Buried Secrets for me was a fantastic read, it was intense in parts and I really didn’t know what was coming next. It was full of surprises and quite a few hold your breath moments. Definitely one I’ll be recommending.

Buried Secrets - Blog Tour.jpeg

TJ Brearton AUTHOR PHOTOT.J. Brearton is the author of eight published novels of crime fiction, including detective thrillers, police procedurals, psychological suspense, and one paranormal crime story. His eBooks have been best-sellers on the Amazon kindle fiction Top 100 list. He lives in the Adirondacks with his wife and three children where he writes full time.


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