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The Detriment by David Videcette #review @DavidVidecette



“The truth costs nothing, but a lie can cost you everything…”
June 2007: a barbaric nail bomb is planted outside a London nightclub, a spy is found dead in his garden, and a blazing Jeep is driven into Glasgow airport. Three events bound by an earth-shattering connection that should have remained buried forever.
From the author of ‘The Theseus Paradox’, the smash-hit 7/7 thriller based on true events, comes the sequel about a real-life mystery that threatens to destroy a nation. Detective Inspector Jake Flannagan must uncover how a series of astonishing events are inextricably linked, before the past closes in on him.
We all have secrets we say we’ll never tell…

Release date – 27th June 2017 and available to purchase here.


When I was asked if I’d like to read an ARC of The Detriment I practically jumped off my seat shouting “Yes, yes, yes please”. Having absolutely loved The Theseus Paradox, David Videcette’s first book, I have been eagerly awaiting the sequel and it really was worth the wait.

It’s June 2007 and we meet Jake Flannagan outside a London Night Club where a nail bomb has been planted, what follows is a roller coaster of a ride where David Videcette pulls you right in to the middle of the story giving you palpitations and feeling slightly breathless.

It’s fab having ‘bad boy’ Jake back again, he’s such a likeable character, a bit of a rogue but very likeable. In The Detriment Jake’s trying to sort himself out, don’t get me wrong there’s still the cheeky bad boy charm that we’ve all grown to love but we find out more about his character, why he takes so many risks and we also see a bit of a vulnerable side to Jake. As you get to see in to his past a bit more, you realise why Jake is the way he is and understand the emotional scar’s this man holds. It really made want to reach in and give him a big cuddle 😉

It was also good to see some of the characters from The Theseus Paradox returning too, Claire, Jake’s ex, Steph, his ex-wife and of course dependable Lenny. He’s a cracker, he’s very protective of Jake and they work brilliantly together giving me a few chuckles along the way.

There are a number of threads to the story and I was totally hooked and desperate to see how they would all tie up. It’s explosive, unique and totally mind-blowing. The fact that Videcette bases his stories around real events, you sit and wonder what truly is fact and what is fiction? It’s all just so plausible and certainly gets the old brain matter thinking and with an appendix at the end giving you the facts you realise how close to the truth this really is.

This really is a chilling, thrilling, edge of your seat, can’t put down read. I definitely recommend making sure you have plenty of time to read this as you wont want to put it down.

I would say it could be read as a standalone but I would highly recommend reading The Theseus Paradox first, not just because it gives you a little bit of back story but because it’s another blooming brilliant book.

The Detriment I can see being another huge success and I honestly can not wait to read more about Jake Flannagan, fingers crossed Mr Videcette doesn’t keep us hanging on too long for the next instalment.




A former Scotland Yard investigator with the Metropolitan Police, David has worked on a wealth of infamous cases. He’s chased numerous dangerous criminals, entered and searched hundreds of properties and interviewed thousands of witnesses.

With twenty years’ police experience, including counter-terror operations and organised crime, David was a detective on the Anti-Terrorist Branch during the 7/7 London bombings in July 2005.

Today he uses his police experience in his writing, as the author of a series of detective novels starring DI Jake Flannagan. ‘The Theseus Paradox’ is the first novel in the series. The truth behind the fiction was investigated by The Sunday Telegraph and ITV News.
DI Jake Flannagan returns in ‘The Detriment’.

David lives in London. He currently consults on security operations for high-net-worth individuals and is a key media commentator on crime, terrorism and policing for many broadcasters and newspapers, both nationally and internationally.

To connect with David Videcette follow these links below…

Website – Twitter



My thanks go to David for the chance to read The Detriment, all views are my own and not biased in any way.

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    1. You’re more than welcome and I wish you the best of luck although I don’t think you’ll need it. It’s going to be huge 😃
      Thank you for allowing me to to read The Detriment, I feel very privileged 😊


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