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Im thrilled today that it’s my turn on the blog tour for Promised Lies by Marguerite Ashton, I have a brilliant Q & A to share with you. 

Where are you happiest?

My writers Attic, overlooking the river … Bossanova on my I-pod.

Who would you like to star in the film of your life?

Gabrielle Union

Describe your best ever holiday.

My birthday trip to the Florida Keys. Beautiful drive on the overseas highway, views overlooking the ocean, and my husband forced me to swim with dolphins and I can’t swim.

If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do?

Get three chapters written!!

If I joined you on your perfect day, what would we be doing?

Sitting on the beach, laptop under the sun-brella, cold beverages in the cooler.

What do you think is the best thing about social media?

Connecting with other writer; researching and having access to unlimited writing resources.

And the worst…?!

Filtering out the junk and the con-artists.

What is the most important item you require for a quiet night in?

Bud Light, kettle corn and a classic slasher flick

Is it best to always tell the truth or is it sometimes better to tell a little white lie?

Best to tell the truth, unless you really don’t want to hurt someone.

What’s your signature dish?

Homemade Deep Dish Lasagne

A huge thank you to Marguerite for answering these questions.

Promised Lies is available to purchase HERE and here’s a description of the book to whet your appetite.

Detective Lily Blanchette has a lot on her plate…

Her sister Celine has recently been murdered, her parents are on the brink of divorce, and Lily has married a man she barely knows while on the rebound.

Now she’s lead on a multiple murder investigation, and determined to catch her man.

Her father, Detective Collin Blanchette, is very proud of his daughter and plans to help her anyway he can.

Six months after Lily’s sister’s death, the bodies of two young women are discovered. One look at the way the bodies have been posed, and Lily knows her sister’s killer is back.

And she’s determined to get him.

Lily visits the family of victim Tanya O’Neal and knows her cousin is hiding something.

It doesn’t take long for her to discover that Tanya, wanting to go to college in Texas, was offering her services as a masseuse on the social networking site Scatter.

Tanya had arranged to meet a man going by the handle CtryGeek23. Lily thinks finding the man behind the account is key to solving the case.

But CtryGeek23 is very clever, and Lily has her work cut out for her. Then one day a young man calls the station, saying he saw his neighbour pushing around a young woman in his yard the night the two dead women went missing.

This leads Lily and her team to Thomas Sanchez, just as she learns the DNA found on Tanya comes from a family member.

As Lily digs around she learns Thomas was fired from his job at a local brewery.

She visits the owner to learn why, and discovers the body of another young woman.

But the more she digs, the more she thinks there is more than one murderer at work, and CtryGeek23 is the mastermind.

But who is he?

And how will they catch him?

As the investigation comes to life, death hits closer to home, and Lily realises she’s married to a stranger. And then Lily
discovers she may not be who she thinks she is at all.

Filled with plot turns, suspense and mystery, Promised Lieswill leave you wondering how well anybody knows

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