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No Idea by Si Page *Review*


Description – Estranged from his family and dumped by his best friend, Rob Wise should be in the prime of his life, but being unlucky in love and living with depression has him trapped and living in the past.

Sharing a run-down flat with two layabouts and a girl called Pit Bull has brought Rob nothing but poor health, writer’s block and an empty bank account.

Rob finds real inspiration when he meets the sassy and attractive Grace Stein, but soon their world is thrown into turmoil. A neighbour’s missing grandson leads them into the murky and criminal underworld of the Dark Web and contract killers.

Who can they trust? Will it be fight or flight?

Follow Rob’s journey where the lives of those he loves are at stake and truth is stranger than fiction.

My thoughts – I will be totally honest and tell you that I had No Idea what this book was about when I started reading it, I didn’t look at the blurb so went in totally blind and had not a clue what to expect. I had however seen it mentioned on Facebook and the authors other book Missing Gretyl has had rave reviews so I hoped I would enjoy it.

And enjoy it I did, what an absolute pleasure it was to read this book. I was taken with Rob from the very beginning, although he annoyed me a bit to start with and I wanted to tell him to get his act together,  I was intrigued to find out his story and why he was so down on his luck and I soon found myself rooting for him. I really loved the narration of Mrs Popov, Robs Russian elderly neighbour with her Yoda style speech. It’s here when Rob agrees to help find her missing grandson that things really take a turn and all may not be as it seems.

The story was well plotted and is full of humour, romance and mystery and I found myself holding my breath at some points with a few omg’s thrown in for good measure. Really it has a bit of everything and I found myself turning pages into the small hours wanting to find out what happened next.

This really was a thoroughly good read and i highly recommend it.

My rating ~ 5/5

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