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Broken by Angela B. Chrysler



Book Description: And Death it calls as the stone crow breaks. Streaks of blood malform its face. Death becomes its withered eyes and the shadows whisper, “Lies.”

When a young journalist, William D. Shaw, seeks out Elizabeth, an acclaimed author, in hopes to write her biography, the recluse grants him twenty-four hours to hear her story. What unfolds are events that teeter on the edge of macabre and a psychological thriller.

While toggling the lines of insanity, Elizabeth examines her past filled with neglect, rape, abuse, torture, and paedophilia. The more Elizabeth delves into her psyche, the more William witnesses the multiple mental conditions Elizabeth developed to cope with a life without love, comfort, protection, trust, physical human contact, affection, therapy, or medication.

Broken is more than just a memoir. It raises the very question of what truth is then slides you so easily into the mind of Elizabeth that you won’t even know you’re there.

You won’t sink into the pages of Broken. You will sink into a mind horrifically warped by trauma. Elizabeth is so far gone from this world, that when William requests an interview, Elizabeth revisits a sleuth of memories that send her flirting with insanity… and Elizabeth takes you with her.

You will relive her trauma as she recalls it. You will experience her feelings as they surface. You will tantalize her ID and toy with her sanity while you descend into her subconscious desperate to help Elizabeth as she crosses from one world to the next… and you will go with her, blindly. You will experience the mind of Dissociation, BPD, and PTSD and you will emerge from Elizabeth’s mind changed.

Broken isn’t about my story. It is about perspective. And it forces you to question yours. This is a book that will make you question everything you thought you knew about truth and opinion. It will make you doubt yourself and change your perspective… Repeatedly. It will force you to truly question your beliefs. And it will force you to answer for them.

Publication Date ~ 11th September 2015

Published By ~ Angela B. Chrysler

My thoughts ~ Oh my goodness, this is one of the hardest books I have ever read. Hardest, as in it took me a while to read as I kept having to put it down so I could get my head around what I was reading. Hardest, as in the subject matter’s really messed with my mind and hardest, as in sometimes I just couldn’t believe what I was reading.

Broken is Ms Chryslers memoir but it is written like a novel with the story being told through her protagonist—Elizabeth, in a kind of interview style in the present but we’re also taken back to when the actual events happened. The subject matter is not for the faint hearted, there’s animal abuse, torture, violence, strong language and graphic rape scenes and none of these have been dramatized and makes for a heart wrenching read.

I often had to stop and take a moment to remind myself that this wasn’t one of my usual reads like psychological fiction, this was real life. What I was reading was true, this really happened and I think I found it hard because I’m not sure I would be strong enough to go through what the author has been through and then write a book about it. Deep down I honestly just wanted this to be fiction. I take my hat off to Ms Chrysler.

Having never been in any of the situations mentioned in the book this was an eye opener, don’t get me wrong I’m not all fluffy clouds and bubbles, I watch the news and know there are some nasty vile people in this world, it was an eye opener because I found myself so emotionally invested in Elizabeth. I was so absorbed in her story that I just wanted to reach out to her, it was like I was reading about a friend. I couldn’t believe how emotionally involved I got with her story. Quite remarkable really and that’s all down to the way it’s written, the realness and the no sugar coating approach.

I could probably ramble on all day about this book so I’ll stop now and say that I do highly recommend this book, but as stated above, there are a lot of unpleasant topics through out the book that may be triggers to some people who have had any of the experiences mentioned. If you do take the chance to read this remarkable story then make sure you have a few hankies at the ready, be prepared to have your heart in your mouth and the wind completely knocked out your sails.

Once you have read Broken you will get the chance to go to the authors website where you can read side notes, follow the authors healing progress and learn about her diagnoses.

My rating 5/5

You can buy your copy of Broken here

You can subscribe to Angla B. Chrysler’s YouTube channel here

A huge thanks goes to Maxine at Booklover Catlady for the copy in exchange for an honest review.

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