Games People Play by Owen Mullen

Book Description – On a warm summer’s evening thirteen month old Lily Hamilton is abducted from Ayr beach in Scotland, taken while her parents are yards away. Three days later, the distraught father turns up at Glasgow PI Charlie Cameron’s office and begs him to help. Mark Hamilton believes he knows who has stolen his daughter. And why.
Against his better judgement Charlie gets involved in a case he would be better off without. But when a child’s body is discovered on Fenwick Moor, then another in St Andrews, the awful truth dawns: there is a serial killer out there whose work has gone undetected for decades. Baby Lily may be the latest victim of a madman.
For Charlie it’s too late, he can’t let go. His demons won’t let him.

The stunning first novel featuring Glasgow PI Charlie Cameron. Games People Play will have the reader guessing to the very last page.

Publish Date ~ January 30th 2016

My thoughts – When the author contacted me via Goodreads and asked if I’d like to read and review his book I jumped at the chance. I’d seen Games People Play mentioned a few times on a couple of pages I follow on Facebook and it sounded like it would be right up my street and I wasn’t wrong.
This book is a little bit different to what I’ve been reading lately due to the fact that the main character Charlie is a private investigator and not the police and it was a nice change. Charlie is a fantastic character and one I instantly liked. He has a past and through out the book it is slowly revealed and ties in nicely with the story.
I am ashamed to admit that this book took me ages to read, it had nothing to do with the book but my hectic life got in the way and it drove me crazy as I wanted to find out what was happening. From page one Games People Play draws you in and the descriptions of places had me picturing the scenes perfectly and there’s also a mention to the town Hawick which isn’t too far away from me which made it seem even more realistic.
Past and present storylines make this quite a busy book but the author has woven them together so well it was an easy read. With twists and turns the story keeps you guessing and I didn’t know which way it would go. I really enjoyed Games People Play and will be recommending it to my friends. I’m looking forward to reading Old Friends and New Enemies, the second book in the Charlie Cameron series which is available now.
I have a great feeling that Owen Mullen is going to be an author to watch out for.
5 stars from me.

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