2016, TBC Challenge

Web of Deceit: A DI Sally Perker Novella by M.A. comley and Tara Lyons

My thoughts – Having just recently read W BlurbDI Sally Parker is called to one of the best hotels in the area after one of the guests, Megan Carmen, reports her friend, Tina, missing.
Sally investigates Megan’s background when the woman reveals that she has just arrived from France and Tina is a woman she met on the Internet. Do genuine people truly arrange to innocently meet people they’ve only just met online? Or, in light of Tina’s disappearance, is there something far more

sinister afoot?

Publish Date ~ 20th January 2016
Published By ~ Jeamel Publishing Limited

My thoughtsHaving just recently read Wrong Place and No Hiding Place by Mel Comley I was very excited to see she had teamed up with the lovely Tara Lyons to bring us this novella Web of Deceit.
Although I don’t know these authors personally we are all members of The Book Club of FB and I’ve seen how passionate they are about books and knew this would be a cracker and I wasn’t disappointed at all.

Web of Deceit may not be a full length book but the authors have certainly packed it all in and nothing seemed to be left out, it all flowed nicely and told the story perfectly. I’ve kind of avoided novellas with the thinking that how can it possibly be as good as a full length book but I’ve just been proved completely wrong. This is a real can’t put down book that I read in one sitting, I was hooked.

I found Megan quite annoying at the very beginning of her journey and at one point thought “just grow a pair” but she grew on me really quickly as the story unfolded and turned out to be a great character. I’m maybe reading to much into it but is there a possibility we could read more about Megan again? I do hope so.

A gripping novella, packed full to the brim and leaves you wondering how well do we know our Facebook friends 😉

Thank you to the authors and TBC on FB for the Arc. Just brilliant.

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