2015 · Book review

Little Black Lies by Sharon Bolton

Book Description : In such a small community as the Falkland Islands, a missing child is unheard of. In such a dangerous landscape it can only be a terrible tragedy, surely…

When another child goes missing, and then a third, it’s no longer possible to believe that their deaths were accidental, and the villagers must admit that there is a murderer among them. Even Catrin Quinn, a damaged woman living a reclusive life after the accidental deaths of her own two sons a few years ago, gets involved in the searches and the speculation.

And suddenly, in this wild and beautiful place that generations have called home, no one feels safe and the hysteria begins to rise.

But three islanders—Catrin, her childhood best friend, Rachel, and her ex-lover Callum—are hiding terrible secrets. And they have two things in common: all three of them are grieving, and none of them trust anyone, not even themselves.

In Little Black Lies, her most shocking and engaging suspense novel to date, Sharon Bolton will keep the reader guessing until the very last page.

My thoughts : I was sent this book for review and I seemed to be so bogged down with books I’m ashamed to admit that Little Black Lies sat on my shelf for quite a while before I finally got round to reading it. Oh my word, I wish I had brushed the others to the side and read this as soon as got it. I loved it.

Set in the Falkland Islands this is a dark, emotional rollercoaster of a read that pulls at your heart strings and absorbs you completely. I’ve never read a book set in the Falkland Islands before and I was engrossed as you get a real feel for the place and also what it was like during the Falkland war. It sounds like a wonderful place.

Little Black Lies centres round Catrin, Rachel and Callum and told over 5 days, each of them being the narrator. I’ve found in some books I’ve read the jumping back and forth from characters can get a bit confusing but it’s not done like that in this book and is just perfect and by the end you feel like you know each one of them personally.

I’m not going to say too much about the story as I want anyone who reads this review to be surprised and enjoy it as much as did. Its a fabulous intense psychological thriller about family, friendship, fear and heartbreak and it’s a must read book you wont be able to put down. It’s full off twists and turns right up to the last page and it will stay with you for a long time after you’re finished reading.

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