2015 · Book review

48 Hours (A City of London Thriller) by J Jackson Bentley

Book 7
48 Hours (A City of London Thriller) by J Jackson Bentley

The text message on Josh Hammonds phone reads “if you don’t pay me £250,000 in 48 hours you die”. The black mailers serious, as becomes obvious and Josh must pay to save his life.

This book as the title says is set in London and goes to great detail with Street names and settings which makes it feel real. The characters are easy to get to know and you don’t need to read far into the book as the plot gets off the ground only a few pages in.
There’s romance and danger as Dee is hired to be Josh’s protection officer and the relationship between the two builds throughout the story.
The only thing about the book is there are a lot of mistakes and it could have been better written, one characters name changes from Martin to Michael then back to Martin which had me a little confused and I had to skip back to see if I’d missed something.

This book was published in Oct 2010 so I’m hoping the next books by Mr Bentley have improved a bit in the years that have followed. 

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